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Archive for April, 2007

Yep! that’s right another vacation contest. Another chance for you to win a vacation to discover Dominica for yourself. The Dominica Tourism Office have partnered with Scuba Diving Magazine for the month of April in hosting another discover Dominica contest. This time around you will have the chance to win a Dive package in Dominica.


What Are The Prize Packages?
By now you’re excited to know what are the prize packages, all I can say these packages are to good to be true. Someone must have made a mistake at the Dominica tourism office. 🙂

Sunset Bay Club & Seaside Dive Resort Package – through September 1-30, 2007. Enjoy 7 nights, bed and breakfast, plus double tank dives for 2 people.

Fort young Hotel and Dive Dominica Package – 7 Night dive package for 2 divers. Good for 1 year based on availability, excluding the month of September 2007.

Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center Package – 7 nights, plus double tank dives for 2 people. This package is valid until November 5, 2007 with space available.

Cabrits Dive CenterPackage– Three days of diving in the north for two people. For more information on the different prize packages click here.

How You Can Enter To Win
Just click here and fill out the necessary information. Its that simple, even a cave man can do it. :mrgreen:

Contest Rules

No purchase necessary or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win this sweepstakes. Odds of winning dependent on number of entries received. No subscription to magazine necessary to enter or win sweepstakes.

Entries must be received by April 30, 2007. Neither Scuba Diving magazine nor Dominica Tourism will be responsible for wrong or false data in the entries. Winner will be determined in a random drawing from eligible entries received.

Winner selection is under the supervision of Scuba Diving magazine. All decisions are final. Taxes, where applicable, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Employees of Scuba Diving magazine and Dominica Tourism are not eligible. Sweepstakes subject to all federal, state and local laws and is void wherever prohibited by law.

Winner will be obligated to respond and confirm personal information within 14 days of notification. In the event of noncompliance within this time period, an alternate winner will be selected.

Any prize or prize notification returned as undeliverable may result in the awarding of that prize to an alternate winner. By acceptance of the prize, the winner consents to use of his or her name, photography or other likenesses for purposes of advertising, trade and promotion on behalf of Scuba Diving magazine, without further compensation, unless prohibited by law

So here is a perfect opportunity to win a chance to discover Dominica, but you have to be in it in other to win. Best of all you don’t have to purchase anything or complete a long questionnaire. Look –out for my post on DiveFest 2007 taking place on July 6th – 15th and see why Dominica defies the everyday.

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I’m not a climate expert. But I do know that we share this beautiful planet called Earth. And we should do everything in our power to save our planet, because it’s the only one we got. If we don’t who will? You can get all the facts you need off the web and double –check then in several citations, in less than an hour of searching!

One Facet Of Human Activity- The Automobile
The first gasoline-powered engine was developed in Germany in 1885 or 1886; the first automobile manufacturing company was set up in the United States in 1893. Henry Ford opened Ford Motor Company in 1903, and began mass-production thereafter. This means that humans were introducing virtually no carbon dioxide into the atmosphere via automobile before around 1900. After some more research I found out that there are now about 700 million motor vehicles in the world, and rising.

Global population in 1900 was about 1.65 billion people. Now it’s about 6.5 billion people, consuming energy and emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the byproduct. Not to mention all the space now taken up by buildings, roads, parking lots, etc. Which was once occupied by vegetation that converted carbon dioxide to oxygen.

I learned in school, long before global warning was a hot topic, that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, meaning that it lets sunlight in but block some of infrared radiation’s return of energy back out of our atmosphere to space. Through this greenhouse effect, if carbon dioxide increases, there should be more energy stored in the earth system (atmosphere, oceans, and land). With more energy available, the byproduct of all that extra energy would cause warming of the earth system, along wit melting of ice caps and other effects.


Here are some ways which you can help

Some people alarm their clocks; others set the cell phone for morning wake-up calls. I bet no one never consider a morning bird call. 🙂 Every morning at exactly 6:30am am waken by the sound of this bird against my glass window. This morning was not like the usually morning, it seem that I forgot to close my windows before I went to bed.

So as usual I was waken by the sound of my morning bird rustling on my window, but it appears she flew through the window and couldn’t find her way out. Finally, I got to my meet my royal morning bird face to face. 🙂

The number of known bird species to be seen in Dominica during the various seasons of the year totals 175, including 4 types of native humming bird. Whether it is the Blue-hooded Euphonia, Mountain Whistler, Broadwinged Hawk or our two unique parrot species you wish to see.

Where both the Sisserou & Jacquot parrots (found only in Dominica) are most commonly sighted, is the Syndicate Forest area on the western slopes of the Morne Diablotin National Park.

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