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Archive for May, 2007

Update: Just about a month ago I wrote about the new CBS Reality Show “Pirate Master”. Pirate Master Premiers Thursday 8.00pm on CBS. The producer promises the show to be one the best epic pirates’ adventures in the Caribbean.


The latest pirates to invade Dominica have been hard to miss over the past few months. Their pirate ship, helicopters and crews have been busy filming the new CBS series Pirate Master.


Dominica provided the backdrop for this new 13-week adventure reality series. The series takes 16 lucky Americans and puts them in costume on a ship to live as pirates while they search for buried treasure worth US 1 million dollars. There modern day pirates live aboard a massive 179 foot, square-rigged barque which carries 12,500 square feet of sail. They row ashore to embark on high stakes adventure each week. The players decipher clues to seek the treasure hidden somewhere in Dominica’s rivers, Jungles and mountains.


Pirate Master features a new prize each week. In the first episode the lucky winner claims US$40,000 in Spanish dubloons. The gold play a key role a pirates strike deals with each other or plead for long term security. On board, one contestant is voted captain, along with two officers. These contestant live in luxury and eats gourmet food, while the rest of the crew members swab the decks, eats gruel and serve as the Captain’s servants.

Each Episode concludes on the ship with a Pirates Court, Where one player is tried and is cast off the ship and set adrift on the raft. The court will determine whether there is law or mutiny on board. Who will find the chest of Zanzibar? In the end, one pirate will be the first to find the largest booty, worth $500,000 and claim the title of pirate master.

The series host is Australian actor Cameron Daddo, who enjoyed the romance of the sea and the adventure of Pirate Master. He claims that if he hadn’t hosted the show, he would have enjoyed being a contestant.

Source: The Tip! – A Local publication in Dominica

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I have to hand it to Kendra of Island med student dot com; this 2nd year medical student really knows how to enjoy herself. Recently Kendra when on a mini- island adventure I should say, when she visited the Carib Territory and Emerald Pool. After watching the video, definitely makes me want to go visit the Emerald again, but don’t take my word for it. Watch the video for yourself. (It may take a few minutes to load, so please be patient.)

Video Source:

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Are you a morning person? In my case I’m not a morning person, but I’m definitely an early riser. In my early 20s, I rarely went to sleep before eleven at night, and you could always count on me to sleep in late. Usually my day would start each day until late afternoon.

After awhile I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was sleeping most of the day away, and if I was wanted to be success in life I would have to wake-up (literately). There were rare occasions when I did wake up early, and noticed that I was much more productive on those days. Not to mention I felt a better sense of well-being. It was clear that I had to get accustom to waking up early if I wanted to have a chance in succeed in whatever I had planned for the day. So I set my alarm clock for 6AM. Guess what! I got up around mid-day.

It’s hard to become an early riser, especially if you’re using the wrong strategy. The most common wrong strategy is: You assume that if you’re go wake up early you might as well go to bed early. Sound very reasonable, but it will usually fail.

There seems to have two main schools of thought about sleep patterns in humans. One is that you go to bed and get up at the same times every day. This seems practical for living in modern society. But when it comes to the human body things are always unpredictable. One thing is sure the body needs adequate rest.

The second school of thought says you should listen to your body’s need and go to bed when you’re tired and get up when you naturally wake up. Our bodies should know how much rest we need, so we should always listen to our bodies. But there are times where listening to our bodies just don’t fit our life schedules.

After trial and error, I realized that both these school are far from effective, the result varied from person to person. I’m still trying to get some way which I can be an early riser and have more productive working days. If you’re late riser, try the school of thoughts, you never know it might just help you become an early riser (or not!).

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