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Archive for June, 2007

While the Bush administration has not been committed to curbing the world addiction to oil, legislators from around the world are coming together to try to stop climate change from increasing and how renewable energy can help in stopping climate change. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Montreal, where world leaders are enacting the next step of the Kyoto protocol. The video will show you how some American mayors are taking the steps to stop carbon emissions despite the hesitations of the executive brunch of the bush administration.

Video Source:COAnews via Youtube

I can’t stress enough, that Climate Change affects everyone. We too in the Caribbean might not be aware of the effects of Climate Change is having on the Caribbean.There is evidence that we’re experiencing hotter days and rising sea levels. Please, watch the Video and learn how we can help in stopping Climate Change.

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We have been hearing for awhile now about climate change and the effects which it is having on the environment and with hiking oil prices and governmental policies have triggered an environment for the investment in renewable energy.

Global trends investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy seems to have brought renewable revolution right to our doorstep, but is it late for this renewable revolution.

A report by the United Nations (UN) claims that clean energy could provide almost a quarter of the world’s electricity by 2030. Renewable sources today produce about 2% of the world’s energy, they now account for about 18% of the world investment in power generation, with wind generation at the investment head. Follow by Solar and Bio-fuel energy technologies, which are growing at quicker paste than wind.

sustainable energy pie chart

Around 40% of the capital invested in solar went towards new technology development. In bio-fuels, the proportion was about 20%, reflecting a surging corn-based ethanol industry in the U.S., as well as research into second-generation bio-fuels, including cellulosic ethanol.

Many developing countries seem to be turning towards renewable energy! A healthy 9% of global investment was made in China. India is lagging a little behind china, and with Latin America taking 5% of the global investment, most of which financed the Brazilian bio-ethanol plants.

But nonetheless renewable energy is maybe our only hope in saving our environment and our resources. Climate Change is like a cancer and everyone on this planet is going to be effected by it. If we shift from fossil fuels to renewable fuels it’s definitely going help the environment and maybe we can save our plant for another 200 years.

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Everyday of our lives the media have led us to think that success is made up of the greatness characterized by fame, popularity, riches and the achievement of heroic acts. And the bad thing about it is young people are most vulnerable to this type of thinking.


The triumphant image of people who have made it successful in life that is not only the best in their field, company or country, but has been made famous and rich through their success, makes an attractive and convincing image.

I mean what person would not want to imitate their favorite heroes who at their same time have more money than they will ever need, and in addition, receive continuous praise and approval.

Are people who reach this type of status living picture of success? Well … yes, and no.

Yes, because achieving victory, fame, and riches in, or because of, hard work is not a bad thing.

Yes, because triumph in any activity showcases the effort, dedication, and physical focus on a specific goal, one of the special abilities that we have as humans.

No, because success in expected to be definitive, permanent and transcendental.

In other words, success in internal and essential. It is life that matters not external circumstances. True success is measured at the end of our existence and not as a function of wealth or popularity that we many have been able to achieve. It is measured by our personal values, our character.

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