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Archive for August, 2007

In an article published in the August 27th issue of The Sun Newspaper, Steve Bornn, a tourism marketing expect from the United State Virgin Islands (USVI), is to become the first chief executive officer of the new tourism board, Discover Dominica, from the middle of September.

Bornn, 53, is the former marketing director for the USVI department of tourism. He held the position for four years before the two parted ways in January of this year. Since leaving the USVI department of Tourism, Bornn has worked as a tourism consultant.

Bornn attended the American University in Washington, DC and holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the school of Communications. He has more than several years of experience in business, which has taken him through most of Western Europe and Yugoslavia, the Far East, the Caribbean and Hawaii.

The terms of Bornn’s contract were not immediately available in the article buy the Sun Newspaper. But the new CEO is expected to lead a new marketing thrust, based on the fact that he has a strong marketing background.

In My Own Opinion

I believe Steve Bornn will create a great improvement to Dominica’s Tourism industry, with his strong marketing background. This is a feature which Dominica has been missing for many years. Sorry to say it; but we’ve been doing a terrible job selling Dominica as tourist adventure destination. Also I applaud Tourism Minister Yvor Nassief with his decision to bring in Bornn as the CEO. Its obvious Bornn has clear idea about tourism and the experience to turn Dominica into a tourist adventure destination island. What’s your opinion? Do you think Bornn can change Dominica’s Tourism industry?

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Dominica is blessed with an abundance of foods that everyone can enjoy. Thanks to its rich fertile soil and temperate climate, many different types of produce grow very easily here, for example a variety of fruits and vegetables, citrus, bananas, coconuts, coffee, cocoa and spices.

Since the 18th century, Dominica’s diverse heritage is evident in the mix of French, West Indian and Carib Cuisine. This mixture of the different cuisine created the distinctly Creole taste! Chicken and fish, seasoned with local spices, are very popular in the daily menu items in Dominica. You will also find “provisions” which are starchy root vegetables as past of the main meal. Callaloo or Pumpkin soup and fresh green salads are also common fare here.

Here are some tastes you should definitely try as part of your Dominican adventure.

Drink A Kubuli Beer
Everyone who visits Dominica should try the award winning locally brewed Kubuli Beer. The word comes from Waitukubuli – Dominica’s original name! Its light mild taste will delight you. Kubuli Beer is made with pure spring water and is available in shops, bars and restaurants everywhere. Cheers!

Refresh With A Jelly Coconut
Nearly all Dominican will attest to the restorative benefits of fresh coconut water. You can find this natural drink in many restaurants and hotels. On the west coast, you might be lucky to find one with a prink husk for a special treat. Or buy one off a truck in the new market!

Dominican Delicacies
Go ahead and try something a little different, how about mouth watering puffs with avocado, breadfruit or dasheen as a side dish. Then satisfy your sweet tooth with a tamarind ball or a piece of Guava or Coconut Cheese or Pate Banana.

Have a Cuppa With Toast And Jam
Have a cup (or two) of Dominica’s locally grown Café Dominique to start your day. Or drink some Bello’s cocoa tea – hot chocolate in other words! Sweeten up your toast with some of their tasty preserves – grapefruit, passion fruit or guava! Also look for Bello’s hot pepper sauces and tropical fruit drink concentrates to take home with you.

Perhaps You Prefer Tea
After your adventures, relax with on of Blow’s Herbal Teas, ginger, peppermint or basilic, Have it hot or cold, sweeten or plain. Buy some and take it home! Many herbs and natural products are found here in Dominica. For example Bwa bande is a popular tonic (particularly for men), which is said to restore male virility. It is found in a tea form in many shops. Cimenkontwa allegedly rids the body of parasites. Citronella is good for a cold. There are all Dominican bush remedies and are available island – wide as Blow’s Herbal Teas.

Buy Freshly Baked Bread
Bakeries abound in almost every town and village in Dominica. Walk in one and savor the tantalizing aroma. Then purchase a long loaf (called a mastiff) and some substantial rolls. Also indulgence yourself to a pastry, perhaps a meat pie, sweet potato pudding or coconut cake!

There are so many different tastes in Dominica, it’s difficult to mention all in just one post. So keep checking the site for my second post on other Dominican Tastes.

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I’m the type of person that considers a healthy, enjoyable job a lot more valuable than a high paying one that I don’t love. This may be the last concept to some people when it comes in getting a job. As our society continues to descend into materialism. For everyone is all about the money. Whatever happens to getting a job where you’re doing something you love? I would happily take a job doing something I loved and with people I enjoyed for a bit less money than I would have pocketed working for a big salary.

Even if your not making the big bucks right away, even the most un-motivated types will quickly rise in the ranks due the enjoyment of the work. It’s as simple as this “we like to do what we like to do”. And trust me, if you think finding such a job impossible; know that people get paid to do all kinds of strange and even fun things. Take for instance the professional wine taster. Or perhaps the guy who gets to test the water slides after their manufacturing. 😎

Just remember to keep these words in the back of your mind, and hopefully you’ll the job that’s really right for you.

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