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Archive for September, 2007

America may be the only country in the world that requires its citizens to pay domestic income taxes while they reside abroad. At least, Americans living abroad must file an annual income tax return; whether or not they must pay depends on in which country they reside, whether they pay income taxes in that country – and how much – and what their income and tax status may be as individuals. In “Tips for Americans Residing Abroad” I found the following:


U.S. Taxes

U.S. citizens must report their worldwide income on their Federal income tax returns. Living or earning income outside the United States does not relieve a U.S. citizen of responsibility for filing tax returns. However, U.S. citizens living and/or working abroad may be entitled to various deductions, exclusions, and credits under U.S. tax laws, as well as under international tax treaties and conventions between the United States and a number of foreign countries. Consult the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for further information.

For information on taxes and locations of IRS offices overseas, contact any office of the IRS or write to the Forms Distribution Center, Post Office Box 25866, Richmond, Virginia 23289. That office also has copies of Publication 54, Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad; Publication 901, U.S. Tax Treaties; Publication 514, Foreign Tax Credit for Individuals and Publication 520, Scholarships and Fellowships. The IRS has also put together a package of forms and instructions (Publication 776) for U.S. citizens living abroad. The package is also available through to the Forms Distribution Center. During the filing period, you can usually obtain the necessary Federal income tax forms from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

If you have access to a personal computer and a modem, you can get forms and publications electronically from the IRS. The forms and publications are available through IRIS, the Internal Revenue Information Services on FedWorld, a government bulletin board. On the Internet, you can telnet to or for file transfer protocol services, connect to If you are using the Internet’s World Wide Web, connect to

I plan to visit some of those sites, learn what I can that is specific to Dominica, and report it to Dominica Weekly. So lookout for my follow-up post on U.S Taxes for Americans living in Dominica.

This post was guest blogged by Dan Tanner

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Moveover greentech’s like plug-in hybrids, solar, eco-friendly data centers, pedal power is taking over. 🙂 Google, the internet search giant has partnered with a bike company Specialized in alternative energy and ad firm Goodby Siliverstein & Partners on a contest called the “Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Machine Challenge.”

The companies are calling for all pedal-minded die-hards to document and submit their innovative inventions that transform pedaling energy (or DC Current) into new uses and run machines. I’m sure that there some brillant minds in the Caribbean that can come up with unique innovative ideas – What about you? Check out this pedal–powered laptop innovation video from the Specialized guys themselves.

The Grand prize is not so Grand – a Specialized bike and a $5,000 dollar check. 😯 Well why not, you’re gonna do this for the planet, right? For more info, read all the rules on the official website “innovate-or-die” (sounds little creepy guys) and get your entries in before Dec 15th. Winners will be announced in January. Come on ❗ All you island brainiacs…

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Dominicans are such talented people (Yeah that’s right), and accomplish anything they set their mind to. A prefect example is Alwin Richards, who was a school mate of mine while going to Saint Mary’s Academy, is now making stirs in the international Fashion industry with his new clothing line – Twice Clothing

“There is a ‘common essence to the men and women of the 21st century and it has to do with a need for freedom, and continuous movement – upwards and outwards” – Twice Clothing

Photo Source:IslandWhere Magazine

Born September 9th 1979, in Roseau, Alwin has come a long way from his small island home to big city life in Toronto. Early on, it was clear that Alwin had strong creative abilities. From a young age he explored art, dancing, computer graphics and design. Upon graduation he decided to steer his creative energies into t-shirt printing for several up and coming groups and artists in and around Dominica. In the late 90’s Alwin started his own clothing line TWICE which received rave reviews from the streets. By 2005 after the birth of his daughter, TWICE took a different turn on a higher scale. …

What’s Up with Website?

I tried to get more information about the clothing line, by visit the website. But it looks like the site down, 🙁 which is very disappointing after Twice Clothing line was featured in IslandWhere Magazine. I’m not sure when the site is going to be back up and running, but it’s definitely a site everyone should visit to see all great designs Alwin have come up with.

Update: Thanks to my buddy Larry, who made a search online, and found Twice Clothing MySpace website were there are lots of pictures to view all the different styles and designs.

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