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Archive for November, 2008

glenda designs showcased on sex and the city and fashion magazines

Jewelry Designer, Glenda Lugay is just one of the many talented designers with a Caribbean background to have made it big in the fashion business. Not too long ago, we highlighted Dominican Fashion Designer YolanderJ right here on Dominica –Weekly dot Com – this time we’re featuring a fellow islander and Designer Jewelry Store owner, who ideas about the fashion prove more innovative that any around. Know to be a risk-taker, a woman who knows her mind and tastes; lead Lugay to open a trendy Los Angeles Boutique called “Tres Jolie” and earn the title of Best Designer Jewelry store from MyFoxLA Hot List two years in a row.

Brought up on the Caribbean island St. Martin, Lugay’s career in fashion started at age 12, when she began work at popular, high-end retail stores after school. By age 14, she took on management positions, working at stores like Fendi and Gucci. A multilingual woman, she traveled Europe for four years before being recruited to work in high-end boutiques in New York in the early nineties. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she helped open several extremely successful stores from the ground up like Kitson and earned herself a strong clientele of international celebrities.

After realizing that her potential for success would only take her so far, in September 2001, she opened her very own store, Tres Jolie in West Hollywood. Filled with stylish, hand-picked jewelry and accessories, Tres Jolie became a destination for shoppers from all over. Its popularity was so great that Lugay opened a second location in Beverly Hills, which is also home to hundreds of unique pieces from today’s up-and-coming designers.

Although the two stores are located on Beverly Boulevard and Beverly Drive, one can also order pieces online at, which features an ever-changing array of merchandise as well as the latest fashion press clips about Tres Jolie jewelry and accessories.

Glenda’s small business translates through her big heart in working with many local and country-wide charities. so keep an eye on this fierce Leo lady, who plans to make Tres Jolie an international brand.

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Some stories are so inspiring, you just can’t help but to share with the world. And yes, miracles do happen, they happen every god-given day. To bad many of us don’t take the time out to acknowledge these everyday miracles. Dzhana Simmons story is no different, when her heart became weakened and so enlarged that it couldn’t pump blood, she had to undergo a heart transplant. But when the heart failed, doctors scrambled to hook her up to a machine. Dzhana survived 118 day without a heart!

Doctors scrambled to come up with a way for Simmons to survive until a new donor heart became available. A custom-made artificial heart was the solution. It looked like a large, complex machine, and Simmons was attached to it for 118 days.

“It was like I was a fake person, like I didn’t really exist. I was just here,” Simmons said. “Now, I know that I really was here and I did live without it.”

“It was scary,” said Simmons’ mother, Twolla Anderson. “I didn’t know from day to day how she was going to turn out or if it would’ve been fatal or what. Thanks to my buddies, the transplant team — I love them for everything they’ve done for her — I couldn’t be happier.”

On Oct. 29, Simmons received another donor heart and a kidney, as well.

Read more about this fascinating story.

I could just imagine how scary it was for Dzhana knowing that she may or may not get a donated heart. But I’m happy, with gods grace, a heart donor was found and she is recovering nicely.

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Dominica labour supportor

A Labour supporter

Politics is politics; though matter how you look at it. Political parties on a whole rarely seem to share anything in common, but the similarities are revealed if you know where to look.

It’s 2008 – by 2010 the present Labour Government would have already announced the date for the next general elections. And once again, the fate of Dominica hangs in the balance – as it did five years ago and five years before that.

And here again, the same questions are popping up in everyone mind: can we afford another five years of disparity? Can we afford to let it all come crashing down around us, with THAT party in office, now that the world economies are going through their worst financial crisis?

While they may be the same questions…maybe they’re not the right questions. Maybe we should be asking: why do they believe the way they do? How are we going to work together, if we can’t change each others’ minds? What makes us think so differently, anyway?

And why are these questions the same all over the world?

Contrary to popular belief, politics also happen outside of Dominica, and for the same reason: there’s a fundamental difference in how Dominicans living in the diaspora and how Dominicans living at home see the island. One thing is clear: we can no longer afford to ignore or condescend to people we don’t understand or agree with.

In the end, we ARE from the same island – and it’s facing some very pressing issues. We must shed our “differences” and work together if we’re going to solve them. And we must do this NOW.

Let’s change our perspective of each other, not just our location, because how we approach today’s questions is a question only we can answer.

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