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Archive for May, 2009


Close your eyes – Think imaginatively about USA President Obama lifting restrictions on family travel and remittances to Cuba from relatives living in the USA.

Think of the long, long term and a most extraordinary scene may unfold in your mind’s eye — rafts of refugees floating TO Cuba!

It has been clear to many people that for a long time the USA’s economic restrictions against Cuba have been largely symbolic. It is true that they serve to remind the world that the USA rejects the Castro regime and the communist ideology behind it.

But it is equally true that these restrictions have only hurt the ordinary Cuban people without bringing any meaningful change in the island’s leadership or system of government.

Surely, the quality of life for people in ‘embargo-free’ Cuba would get progressively better as Castro’s communist dream unfolds. When the good life in Cuba becomes a powerful magnet, guess what some of the poor and disillusioned people suffering under the terrible capitalist system would do? Build their barges, check the tides, set hopeful eyes on Cuba and start to float. It’s enough to make you blink.

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dominica twitter page

Dominica continues to incorporate the newest and most popular social media tools into the strategic promotion of its tourism product, most recently with the establishment of a Twitter account for tourism.

Found under the username “Nature_Island,” the account is a means of providing media, travel agents, tour operators and potential travelers with continued news and information about Dominica.

The Discover Dominica Authority’s official Twitter account is regularly updated with news, information, images and articles about the destination. Accessible to Internet users globally, it features various island images (via Twitpic) and a link to the island’s official tourism website, As Twitter is considered to be a form of social media, anyone can sign up to “follow” Dominica and thereby reply directly to posts, “re-tweet” posts, tag posts as “favorites” or reference the news and information provided for their own use.

“Twitter continues to grow as one of the most frequent networks and is becoming extremely popular with consumers as well as journalists as a primary source of information for news in today’s world.” Comments Colin Piper, Director of Tourism at Discover Dominica Authority. “It is incumbent on us as marketers to understand the growing impact of these social media tools & to employ them to our advantage.”

Created in 2006, Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as “tweets.” Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user’s profile/blog, searchable on Twitter search, and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (called “followers”). Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, SMS or various external applications. Estimates of the number of Twitter users vary, as the company does not release its number of active accounts, but generally range between 800,000 and several million. In March 2009, a blog ranked Twitter as the fastest growing site in the Member Communities category for February 2009 with a growth of 1,382%.

Visit and sign up to follow Dominica at

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Some viewers in Dominica of nightly CNN newscast may have been surprised at detailed and shocking reports of monthly job losses in the United States because of the current financial crisis.

But in spite of all the job losses many of our most productive and enterprise workers continue emigrating to the US in search of green pastures – hence increasing the steady flow of brain drain out of the Dominican economy.

Maybe they can also recall not long ago the labour party government was unable, or unwilling, to give the opposition a straight answer about the current unemployment rate in Dominica.

It’s amusing, we’re being bombarded with information for the United States about weekly job losses but we cannot complete an employment survey that we started almost six years ago. I cannot help to think that the unemployment figures are so unflattering that the government wants the nation on-a-whole to forget that it exits. Are the figures of employment so terrible?

It’s also discouraging, that the government is a shame to give the public a true picture of the rate of employment and the present economic situation. If our policy makers do not acknowledge that there is a problem – then they will seek no solutions.

In the final analysis, if we as small island nation fail to manage this crisis with rational responses then as the popular old staying goes “Crapaud Smoke Our Pipe”.

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