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Archive for August, 2009

Domcan’s Retreat: Restaurant and Guest House

We live in Calibishie and way back in the 1980s when we first started coming to the Nature Island, that’s where Domcan’s was.

We ate there then and in some ensuing years and it was always great: The food was wonderful, the prices reasonable, and the view from the table and the ambiance were admirable. Only one thing has changed since – Domcan’s has moved to Castle Bruce.

You can visit Domcan’s virtually by visiting Domcan’s Retreat dot Com. Castle Bruce is a village about midway down on Dominica’s east (Atlantic) coast. From Roseau take any road inland that goes to the Pond Casse roundabout and then head east toward the Emerald Pool. Keep going until you reach Castle Bruce, then turn left and head uphill.

Domcan’s will be on your right within about a mile. From Melville Hall Airport, turn right at the airport exit and go through the town of Marigot. After Marigot, at Hatton Garden, turn left as if you were heading to Carib Territory (passing the entrance to the now closed Silk’s Resort). Proceed through Carib Territory. There are occasional road signs giving the distance to Castle Bruce, and Domcan’s will appear on your left before you reach the village proper.

Domcan’s Retreat: Restaurant

Harry is an expatriate Dutch via Canada. His wife Grace is Dominica. She’s the cook, and a terrific one!

I recommend calling 767-445-7794 to check to see if what you would like is available on the menu. Call a day or two ahead if possible, because although Harry & Grace call Castle Bruce “centrally located”, it is far from any other dining amenities.

We’ve never stayed at Domcan’s but we’ve seen the lodging accommodations they offer. They’re very nice, clean, and modern (with cable TV) and very reasonable priced at US$70 per night with meals at the restaurant 10% off to lodgers.

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Editor’s note:This post was written by Jermaine, a contributor to the


I have a serious gripe with drivers who seem to think that the public roads are for their use only.

It can be very frustrating when you are trying to get to another location within a reasonably quick time and you come upon motorists who have pulled alongside each other and are having a casual conversation in the middle of the road.

Meanwhile, all the regular people behind them from both directions have to put on the brakes and wait until the selfish duo would have completed their chat and decide to move on. Then one would have the audacity to wave at you as though to suggest he is thankful that you gave him the opportunity to do his foolishness.

One of these days there is going to be someone who would be having a particularly difficult day and would not be in the mood for this kind of stupidity. And as much as I am hoping it never happens, that person might not be in full control on that day and might do something that will put him in trouble with the law.

I am not suggesting that he would be right to shout and scream and turn to some sort of violent behaviour but I am using this as a warning to motorists who do not take the time to think of the inconvenience they might be causing to others and the danger they might be putting themselves and others in. Most of the roads in this country are wide enough so that if both drivers pull aside and exchange messages. The flow of traffic will not be severely impeded. Further, there are many areas available for them to pull off and have a comfortable enough chat under trying circumstances.

Things can happen at odd times but we have to be careful what we do out of the lack of concern for others. Can you imagine that an ambulance with a sick person is somewhere to the back of the confusion waiting to get by? Maybe it is some businessman trying to get to an all important appointment in good time.

This highway selfishness must stop before somebody has to pay an extremely heavy price.

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My wife, daughter and I (our entire family) voted for Barak Obama for President of the United States.

We’re still glad we did, but not because of any accomplishments – there have been no major ones – but because the alternative was really scary. It is important to understand that Obama never had a constituency: American always turn to the Democratic Party in hard economic times, people were sick of the war in Iraq, and yes, he captured bloc ethnic votes. Before you argue that point take a look at the returns from, say, North Carolina or Virginia.

But his presidency is doomed. He will serve one term, that’s all. Here are the reasons why:

  • Americans have no patience. They’re accustomed to solutions in half-hour or hour intervals, as on TV.
  • Americans have no historical perspective: Remember, the Great Depression began 90 years ago. I’m 68 and only heard about it from my parents. Even WWII was over before I turned 5.
  • A President’s powers are limited and most American’s would fail a civics test about them. And, Barak Obama does not walk on water.
  • As Commander-in-Chief he could accelerate withdrawal from Iraq. And the war in Afghanistan is futile and destructive both to the economy and his presidency.

It takes an “opposite” to make momentous changes in America. People forget that FDR was an avowed fiscal conservative when elected. That it took a war-hero general to win election by promising to end the Korean War – any Democrat trying that would have been labeled soft on communism. That the Republican who claimed that Truman and Democrats “lost China” and who won election in 1968 decrying Robert Kennedy’s promise to support admitting “Red” China into the UN – Richard Nixon – also won by claiming to have “a secret plan to end the war in Vietnam”. Nixon was able to open a dialog with the People’s Republic of China. Democrats wanted to do that but could never have survived the political fallout.

Has anyone noticed that it was a Republican governor who got a universal health care plan passed in Massachusetts? It will be a Republican President who gets US universal health care passed: For the wrong reasons, of course. It will pass because hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies are feeling the pain, not because the people need it.

I still support Obama, except for Afghanistan and his political gifts to homosexuals. I’d like him to win a 2nd term and to get a health care plan, a good one, though, and turn this wretched economy around. But I believe I’ll be disappointed.

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