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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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Nowadays it becomes more and more popular to travel on board a cruise liner. And there’s no surprise, as a cruise can offer a lot of different options which are very convenient for vacationers.

The Caribbean islands are of particular interest to the holidaymakers.

Dominica is one of the most fabulous stops during the cruise. The beauty of the nature of Dominica attracts tourists who live in big cities, but it won’t also leave indifferent those, who live in the country.

In Dominica you won’t find big shops or entertainment centers. It is a place where you have a wonderful possibility to plunge into the pristine nature.

 Cruise Ship in Dominica

Once you’ve decided to visit Dominica, you’ll never regret it! But in order to make your travel most pleasant and enjoyable, it is necessary to check out the most important conditions of the cruise and plan it properly. First of all, a vacationer should choose the season when he or she wants to travel on board a ship to Dominica.

During the popular tourist travel season, December to April, the weather is dry, and that means that the frequent rainfalls won’t bother you much. The prices are rather high during this season, and one may want to choose summer season instead. That will be cheaper, of course, but there is the other side of the medal: hurricanes and storms, which can be not just unpleasant during the cruise, but also risky enough. That is why a vacationer must choose the season thoroughly.

The second most important point is selecting the cruise liner type: large or small. The right choice affects the options which should meet your requirements, starting with budget and ending with dress-code. You may think that large size means much space but sometimes it is not so. Very often large size means many people! For those who preserve privacy this variant won’t fit, as on large cruise liners some loud entertainment events such as singing, dancing and music performances are very common.

Caribbean Embankment

If you are fond of parties, this variant will suit you perfectly! Smaller liners can offer a vacationer the increased customer service and the possibility to enjoy the voyage away from noise and… other holidaymakers. Bear these tips in mind while choosing the liner, and be sure to check out all the extra-expenses, such as service or alcohol tax, which may be payable separately or included in the cruise bill. The cabin type can also influence the budget, but sometimes the cheaper ones, run of the ship cabins, may not suit you if you have special preferences while perfect cabins will let you stay away from noise, but those cost more. Considering all these facts will help you to plan the budget properly.

So, you’ve chosen the season and the liner, and now it’s just the time to think about Dominica itself, the most pleasant point, but not the easiest one. Why? Because you’ll have only one day to explore Dominica, and is it possible to see everything you want to?

image of screw's sulphur spa pools in dominica

Dominica is rich for its nature and can offer a tourist a wide range of unique activities. Can you imagine whales and dolphins watching? You are sure to get the fantastic impressions! Dominica is also the island of hiking and scuba diving, which give you the possibility to explore the mysterious and magnetic beauty of the primeval nature. But as you have only one day at your disposal, it’s necessary to plan everything properly. Select what you like most, but be sure that whatever you choose, you will surely get excited!

As you have noticed, the sights are rather varied, so check out whether you are totally packed for the adventures that Dominica has in store for you: sunglasses, a hat, special boots, shorts… And get ready for new impressions!

It’s no surprise that cruise travels are very popular among tourists. The liner calls on many ports and it is a great chance to explore the islands at once. Dominica is the pearl of the Caribbean and occupies an outstanding position – there a vacationer can get in touch with the magnificent purity of nature.

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Too many resorts throughout the Caribbean (and world by extension) pay little attention in order to minimize its impact on the environment.

Well, if having a Newspaper recycling program or placing recycle bins in guest rooms and hotel lobby qualifies them as a green hotel.

Well, I guess every little bit counts.

But for Eco-resorts like Rosalie Bay Resort in Dominica, these half-measure methods seem merely a punchline to attract more visitors.

So how is serious is Rosalie Bay Resort is about Saving the Environment?

  • 70% of the Energy use at the resort is generated from solar panels and a 225 kW wind turbine, which is the first wind turbine on Dominica and the largest in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean.
  • the Owners pioneered the first sea turtle protection effort at Rosalie Bay, Dominica
  • Guests can enjoy the fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables grown in the organic garden.
  • From LED lights to chairs made from recycled materials to sustainably-produced cotton towels and UV-filtered natural spring water…it’s apparent that Rosalie Bay puts the environment first.

Rosalie Bay Resort - Dominica's Rosalie bay Photo: Aerial View of Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica

It all sounds and look pretty cool, right? As a bonus,the folks at Rosalie Bay Resort are offering 33% off daily rates between now and October 31, 2012 To celebrate their first year. With the savings, the daily rates begins at US$149.00 (doesn’t include taxes or service charges) for two people – which includes daily Continental breakfast as well as yoga.

For reservations and more information, call toll-free, 1-877-732-2864 or E-mail: info[at] You can also learn more about Rosalie Bay Resort on their website (

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For anyone who missed 2012 Dominica Carnival Opening parade, here are few photos to warm your soul – particularly those folks in north who are still freezing their nuts-off in some places.

If you missed the opening parade, all is not lost – there’s still enough time to get on flight, and be apart of Dominica’s Carnival ‘the real mas’…Unquestionably, the Caribbean’s most origninal Carnival.

Come enjoy Calypso competitions, jouvert,traditional masquerade costumes parade, together with all the typical bumpin’, grindin’, and winin’…just what you’d expect from Dominica Carnival.

Click the link to download the 2012 Events Calendar, which includes Dominica Carnival Schedule of Events, and let us know if we can expect to see you bubbling’ round Roseau in February.

The dates for 2012 Dominica Carnival are February 20th and 21st; see you there!

Dominica Carnival Queen Contestant 2012


Dominica Sensays Costumes

Dominica Carnival Queen Contestants 2012

Carnival Crowd

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