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Dominica is one mountainous Caribbean island nation that is distinguished by hot springs. It is mostly famous from volcanically heated springs, steam-covered Boiling Lake that falls in the Morne Trois National Park.

The preserve also includes sulphur vents, rainforest, the twin waterfalls of narrow Titou Gorge and Trafalgar Falls. When you visit the Caribbean island nation, you will always have unforgettable moments. Here is a guide on the Architecture Sightseeing in Dominica:

A new walking tour will invite visitors to Dominica as a way of discovering its very rich architectural heritage. Roseau, which is the island capital, is the home to the top-preserved collections of the 17th century Creole architecture within the Caribbean.

The centre of Roseau is also better appreciated on foot, since it boasts of beautiful samples of the authentic urban vernacular commonly known as traditional residential architecture that have survived despite several hurricanes and fires.

Around Roseau and through the island you will be able to discover numerous small wood-framed houses, which are locally known as ‘Ti kaz’, whereas the colorful mercantile buildings describes the capital history as colonial trade that increased in the region.

The ‘Historic Roseau Walking Tour’ will encourage visits to the Dominica’s Kalinago Indians dwellings: these are hut-like structures built of reeds, palm leaves, and local materials to give visitors that historical insight to the ways in which indigenous population of Dominica used to live on this island.

The Dominica’s Society for Heritage Architecture Preservation and Enhancement commonly known as SHAPE had developed this new walking tour to help visitors explore the rich architectural heritage of Roseau through one 16-page leaflet with 3-panel foldout map (that costing $ 5.50 available at Dominica Hotel & the Tourism Association office in Roseau). It is also easy to download a 30-minute tour podcast.

The latest tour introduction in Dominica’s capital is ‘Historic Roseau Walking Tour’. This is an amazing landmark that you can visit during your tour especially when visiting the place for the first time.

The yellow train can carry up to 34 passengers who passes through the Roseau’s bustling streets, taking in important attractions (like the historical Roseau Cathedral, the hillside suburb of Goodwill and the beautiful Botanical Gardens) and stopping at the Waterfront Bar for a relaxing drink.

Dominica (pronounced as Dom-in-ee-ka) is another spectacular green island made of lush rainforests, rugged mountains, and rushing rivers within the Eastern Caribbean, north of Martinique and lying south of Guadeloupe.

In conclusion, the above is a guide on the Architecture Sightseeing in Dominica when you want to enjoy your vacation.

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Travelers who have been to the island of Dominica have described their experience as like going back in time. This is because much of Dominica’s land, which is composed mostly of mountains and forests, are still undiscovered.

Life in this Caribbean island nation is also much simpler compared to that in modern countries. There are no tall skyscrapers there but there are many tall trees.

There are no mega shopping complexes but you can find there everything man needs in order to live a good life. By looking at the map of Dominica you can easily tell that it has a small land area but it is very rich in natural resources.

Natural Treasures

Just how rich is Dominica in terms of natural resources? It has several volcanic mountain peaks, waterfalls and a total of 365 rivers. It is also home to the second largest boiling lake. When Christopher Columbus returned home after visiting the island he was asked to describe it. In response, he picked up a piece of paper, crumpled it and threw it on the desk and then said that that is what Dominica looks like. What he meant was that the land is covered with hills with very little flat land.

Flora and Fauna

Apart from its amazing landscapes, Dominica is also rich in flora and fauna. It is home to a great number of animal species that are believed to be extinct in other parts of the world. And the best part is that you don’t have to go far to see the plants and animals. In fact, you may even see them in the surrounding area of the hotel or resort where you are staying.

Booming Tourism Industry

Because of Dominica’s natural beauty it is not surprising to know that it has a booming tourism industry. So when you visit the place you will discover that it offers plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. The best part is that these hotels and resorts are strategically located in places where you can see, taste and experience the best of what the island can offer. For sure, you will never get bored in the island because of the many activities that you can do there. These include snorkeling, camping, trekking or simply observing nature. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy these activities.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a map of Dominica today and start planning your adventure.

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Music festivals give you a high. Not only do they provide you with an occasion to dawn your most dramatic attires, they also provide you with a social setting where you can meet many new and interesting people. The experience is always exhilarating. If attending a summer music festival is on your to-do list, you must start with the Dominica’s 2016 World Creole Music Festival.

This music festival, which was first held in 1997, has been attracting music lovers from around the world for all the right reasons. Unlike other music festivals that serve run-of-the-mill names, the Dominica World Creole Music Festival is known for serving an eclectic mix of both traditional and contemporary.

World Creole Music Festival 2016 preformersImage via Dominca Festivals

Here are 5 reasons to come to Dominica’s 2016 World Creole Music Festival.

1. You will fall in love with the venue: The Dominica World Creole Music Festival is held in the capital city of Roseau every year. The 2016 addition of the festival will be held from 28th to 30th July at the Windsor Park Stadium. This is a big stadium that can easily accommodate thousands of people. The beautiful lighting will only add to the overall feel of the music while you are attending one of the concerts. Not just that, there is so much you can explore while in Roseau. From beaches and gardens to wildlife tours and hiking, the city has so much to offer to its visitors. You will fall in love with the venue as well as the city.

2. You will witness authentic Creole music: While most music festivals rely on genres that people are already well-versed with, the Dominica World Creole Music Festival is different in the fact that it gives its visitors a chance to witness authentic creole music. Each year, it features some of the best artists from Creole -speaking countries. Also, it will give you a chance to witness music genres like Kompa, Bouyon, Zouk and Soukos. These music genres leave a lasting impact on the listeners.

3. You will get a chance to see some great artists playing: In the past, the Dominica World Creole Music Festival has featured some very impressive names. Artists and bands like Michele Henderson, Ophelia Marie, Exile One, Taxi Creole, Magnum Band, Kassav and Zouk Machine have played at this music festival in the past. This year’s schedule also includes some mighty impressive names like Akon, Kes The Band, Midnight Groovers, Michele Henderson, Timaya, T-Micky, Wyclef and many more.

4. You will get a chance to try authentic Creole food: If you are someone who likes to explore things, you must start by exploring different cuisines. After all, there is nothing like good food. The Dominica World Music Festival will give you a chance to explore original Creole food. If you are living in any part of the world other than Dominica, it is quite unlikely that you will ever get a chance to taste original Creole dishes. Even if you manage to find a restaurant that serves Creole food, it will not taste as good as the food you will find in Dominica. Attend this music festival for the food.

5. You should go the 2016 Dominica World Creole Festival to witness this island’s beauty: Dominica is one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands. It is known for its beautiful beaches, impressive lakes and scenic landscapes. Its seashores will give you a chance to relax and enjoy solitude as well as good company. Come to the Dominica World Creole Music Festival as an excuse to see the beautiful island that Dominica is.

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