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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Dominica Events, Fests and Holidays

Here you can find a complete guide of Dominica events – festivals, activities, music events, Carnival and other holidays.


Dominica Carnival 2011:

Dominica Carnival 2010:

Dominica Carnival 2009:

Dominica Carnival 2008:

Dominica Carnival 2007:

Valentine’s Day:


Dominica Hike Fest 2011:

Dominica Hike Fest 2010:

Dominica Hike Fest 2009:

Other May Fests and Events in Dominica:

African Liberation Day – 25 May:


Fathers Day – 15 June:


Dive Fest in Dominica:


Dominica Fests in August:

Nature Island Book Fair and Literary Festival in August:


Dominica Independence Celebration:

World Post Day – 9 October:

Creole in the Park – 2010:

Creole in the Park – 2009:

Creole in the Park – 2008:

Creole in the Park – 2007:

World Creole Music Festival in the End of October:

Dominica Market Day with the Difference:

Creole Day:

Dominica Independence Day:


Dominica Christmas and New Year:

Dominica Calendar

Information for Travelers:

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