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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Big Papa's Restaurant & Sports Bar

Big Papa’s Restaurant & Sports Bar was a big disappointment. We went on a night the restaurant had advertised specials, but we found the menu limited because supposedly it was the regular chef’s night off. It was also the regular waiter’s night off, and the replacement knew nothing and could do less. They also had no fruit juices or sodas, only alcoholic drinks to offer. The food was not very good and the price was high.

They offer “free” Internet and we had our laptop with us. The Internet was free, but the wireless connection did not work, and they demanded $5 for “electricity” and to use a wired connection. The wait for the food was over an hour. And coffee at the end of dinner came in a tiny espresso cup, but was regular coffee. This place is only steps from two good restaurants, the Purple Turtle and the Blue Bay. We suggest you go to one of them instead.

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Comment by Katherine Taylor
2009-09-28 04:19:44

That’s quite a harsh review, but very honest too. I think bars should get their act together in order to get more customers. And stop using the my way or the highway mentality.

Comment by gero
2010-02-08 09:34:37

hi sweety,

we went dec.2010 to big papas………Food was o.k. Drinks also. good music and nice people their except you.


Comment by Pete Hiltunen
2009-12-15 10:21:34

Big Papa’s cuisine?
Have visited there several times since 1998.
“Regular chef’s night off”…excuse me…regular chef? Do you mean that 190-200cm tall aboriginal who does not speak at all when grilling pig/sheep or whatever animal died by overrun by car close nearby “highway”?
Hey come on, that place have been famous for it’s barbecue and party evenings twice per week and especially due it’s working internet connections for sailors. Have to say at least winter 2007-2008 they were almost the best (value for the money) when looking south from Guadeloupe to Tobago Ceyes. It seems that German owner knows what sailors / tourists normally need.
If You want to eat well (and also have soft non alcoholic drinks) walk about 100m to Blue Bay Restaurant. Its is worth for it.

Comment by angry
2010-04-08 21:04:28

I am very disappointed with the person who wrote this! come on, have you ever tried to run a restaurant? you probably went there at a bad time. every one has lil errors now and then and besides it was slow season and the managers took a vacation they needed it!!! Big Papas is one the best local restaurants on the island and i know it for a fact because I’ve been there already. you should stop going around and trying to spoil other peoples business and look after yours. how would you like it if it were your business someone made those comments about? give us a break man and know your damn place!!!!

Comment by Joan
2010-10-03 19:51:02

Big Papa’s is a fixture in Portsmouth, Dominica. Good BBQ, parties, drinks..and they help the local Indian River Guides keep an eye on boat security. Don’t know about the “off day”, but we have always found ALL the restaurants in Portsmouth offered good value and good meals– Purple Turtle and Blue Bay as well. And remember, this is an island nation–WiFi and the Internet access is not the easiest to put into place in these areas of the tropics. Just be glad they are able to have some connectivity! And electricity is NOT FREE!!! It takes equipment, access and generators using diesel or gas. We have certainly enjoyed our visits and will look forward to trips in the future. Dominica’s beauty is found in the mountains and its people. Take time to enjoy this precious island!

Comment by Helga
2011-04-02 10:40:15

I know Big Papa personally. Big Papa’s is hot for Portsmouth Ross University students and locals. They have good food, great music and the place gets full. If you had a bad experience, it was off season and in the Islands, that’s the way it is…..not like America where, everyday, all year is supposed to be perfect. Even in America my favorite restaurants have had their bad days where I wasn’t served properly, over an hour, food wasn’t good. The world is not perfect. Go to Big Papa’s in season and you will be surprised!!!!!

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