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Ramblings From The Nature Paradise of Dominica

About Christophe Joseph

Christophe Joseph

I'm guessing the reason why you click the link to this page is to find out more about me... So here goes. My name is Christophe Joseph, but most people just call me Chris for short. I live in Newtown, Dominica pretty much all my life even if I was born in Guadeloupe.

I grew-up in Newtown or Charlotteville, a small village on one the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean called Dominica (dom-in-EE-cuh). Before discovering blogging, my only hobby was weightfitting, which I still do. So I guess it's fair to say that I now have two hobbies.

Well, besides going to my day-to-day Job at FedEx-Dominica, I can be seen walking around the streets of Roseau, working at Mac's Health Club or just hanging with my friends enjoying Island life... yep that's it.

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