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Cigarette butt in ashtray

The World Health Organisation has announced that their numbers show five million people die from smoking around the world every year and warn that the number could rise if more stringent measures aren’t taken to minimise smoking’s impact.

WHO also stated that 600,000 people die every year from passive smoking, ie. inhaling someone else’s cigarette smoke. Last year, WHO unveiled six strategies that countries could implement to protect their people from the harm of cigarettes.

However, less than 10% of the world’s population is covered by any one of those six strategies, which include smoking bans, higher tobacco taxes and bans on tobacco advertising. Another clear example of how the world works.

And yet…Marijuana is illegal in most countries. Can someone help understand the logic behind this?


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Comment by Legalize it
2009-12-15 10:25:48

Amen my brother……………………………………………..I cannot understant it either.

Comment by pete
2009-12-15 12:31:42

I suppose that whilst both vices kill through cancer for example, the narcotic possibilities with Marijuana and the other possibilities in terms of effects on the brain etc are potentially more disastrous than cigarette smoking. The fear that it could be out of control if declared legal is not unfounded. However an important question is that, although alcohol and tobacco use and abuse have compounded societal problems, can we say that marijuana prohibition has really worked?

for opponents of course, there is the argument about the culture and diversion it creates (crime, money spent “unproductively”) etc, but some of that (supply and demand, need for guns etc) is directly due to it being illegal, so that may be a second case to have it de-criminalized. It also costs many governments alot of money in terms of law enforcement, tying up resources etc.

An interesting article which explores almost all the arguments for keeping marijuana legal, through taxation and regulation, is posted here:

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