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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

dive dominicaPhoto by Kim Randall

Liquid Assets TV and the famous host of their Into The Drink series, Nick lucey recently spent an entire week doing an on-location shoot about Dominica for the first episode of Into the Drink Season 2, where Dominica will be seen in approximate 60 million homes in the United States.

Liquid Assets TV Executive Producer, Randy Harris two days ago (April 13) published a post entitle ‘Back In Time‘ on the blog.

Here is what Randy and the crew of In The Drink had to say about their experience on the nature island of Dominica.

I have never felt about a destination the way I feel about Dominica, even when I look back. The mood on land is very different, but once you figure out the motion of the island it is like returning to Kansas from Oz, there is no place like home. That is what I am sure all Dominicans feel if they ever leave the island and that is the at home feeling I found while there.

The most mountainous island in the Caribbean and the youngest island in the Caribbean, well that last bit is up for debate but I vote “Dominica.” It has diving that should only be found on a two-day plane ride away from any populated area of the world but it is right in our back yard. This island has a freaking ski lift that takes you into the rain forest, a boiling lake that is only rivaled by one in New Zealand, turtles everywhere, frogfish, NO lionfish, sea horses, schools of mackerel, mountain biking, killer rum and a list of things that could run this blog on forever. I will stop there and just let you know that it has something breathtaking for everyone and their pretend friends.

The crew of Into The Drink has experienced something brilliant, something young and something that we will always remember as its namesake, “The Nature Island.” It will be remembered as such because that is exactly what it is. Unlike most of the islands in the Caribbean it is still unspoiled, untouched by chain restaurants, pure, nature.

I suggest you go there if you want to see what the Caribbean of old felt and looked like and take a dive trip back in time.

Dominica will definitely be one those closed-set destinations shoots the crew of Into The Drink will never forget. As to when the first episode of Into the Drink Season 2 featuring Dominica will be aired in the U.S, that is still unknown. I can’t wait see what the guys came up with…don’t you?

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Comment by Dan
2010-04-15 10:07:32

Great news!

Comment by Gazania
2010-04-15 11:42:42

That Quote makes me want to visit Dominica again…..i cant wait to see the show air here in California!!!!!

Comment by pete
2010-04-15 12:29:53

I am Dominican and Scuba diver. Great reporting by the TV production crew and also thanks to Chris for sharing. As an avid scuba diver and snorkler, I have always marveled at the beauty below the water. I would like to encourage all Dominicans to appreciate for themselves, not just the images on the screen, but the sights and sounds (yes sounds too) that are an indescribable beauty to behold in these waters. Indeed as much as more and more Dominicans have come to appreciate even more profoundly, the experience of hiking and the natural beauty that many toursits come to DA for, I would like to encourage persons to explore the underwater and beauty of the ocean, even from just snorkling or whale watching. Also, the annual dive festival allows beginners as young as 12, to get a feel the sport of scuba for free. That’s how I started by the way.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-04-17 03:25:08

Scuba diving? Snorkeling? I do not know what is one from the other. Mountain biking is out of the discussion from me. But I do know the experience of the beauty, which has everyone describing the Nature of Dominica, as if she was part of the 7th Heaven.

Yes, that is the Home of her Creator; and I cannot help believing that Dominica is indeed, the largest part, or perhaps the whole part of this 7th Heaven. That is the belief that transmits the enlightenment of Dominica’s beauty of Life to me. The enchantment of her mountain peaks, as seen from a distance, is evidence of my belief. Thanks to our sincere, professional, or skilled photographers.

On behalf of my fellow Dominicans, I give thanks and praise to God Almighty, for choosing our homeland as the physical display of His splendor and majesty of Life in Love.

May those who are able to scuba dive and snorkel; may those who love mountain biking along with hiking; and may those who are able to find relaxation simply by going for an early morning or late afternoon swim; may those who know the thrill of the sound of the singing birds, the soothness of the running book, or the mind energizing of the raging rivers and waterfalls; remember, that all of it is part of Life. Life, through which God reveals His Love to us, as He blesses us with natural beauty, enchantment, spiritual ecstasy or enlightenment, and the gifts of perception, conception, and ability, to appreciate and enjoy this Life.

Fellow Dominicans, and all of you who love to spend your free time in Dominica, as you enjoy performing your gifts of ability there, remember that God is Love, Greatness, and Mighty Power, because He is a Holy God. And always try to show Him your gratitude for establishing Life in you, as this evidence everywhere, in your homeland and mine. For God has indeed, blessed our Nature Island, Dominica, and the people of her land with the purity of Love.

Comment by Dan
2010-04-17 22:54:29

Dominica shows the amazing natural diversity resulting from evolution’s natural selection from among random genetic mutations. One can see scientific evidence of that and not need to invoke mysticism to appreciate or enjoy it.

Comment by Dan
2010-04-19 10:03:57

It was the Catholic St. Thomas Aquinas who stated that one cannot prove the existence of God through observing nature.

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-04-20 01:05:39

St. Thomas Aquinas, Catholic, Pope, Bishop, Priest, or Monk, whoever and whatever he was, he spoke of his own blindness, his state of darkness, and his lack of knowledge of Life, which is of God. He most certainly, did not speak of the wisdom and understanding of which I am aware.

The same is for you Dan. Your perception, your ideas, your wisdom and understanding, and your beliefs are not mine. If you want to agree with Thomas Aqinas, who am I to tell you not to do so. But just because people called him saint is no grounds for me to give thumbs up because of his sayings. Just as you accept the idea of Thomas Aquinas, it is the same way that I know many people have the same wisdom and understanding that I have.

I left Dominica when I was twenty-one years old. A Catholic just like Thomas Aquinas, grounded in my practice of religious principles, but dead as bat, in knowledge of God and His creation. After almost 30 years of existence in Canada, conformed to the practice of nothingness, existing in a state that was doomed to the dust that it was formed from, God showed me mercy and compassion, when He established Life in me; the state of Light that illuminates His creation and Love everywhere.

As I understood from your comments, you are from the United States. I do not know where you lived in the United State, but I live in the middle of the City of Toronto, here in Canada. All that is around me is the noise of cars, buses, huge trucks, and not to mention the roaring sound of the fire engine, cargo and subway trains. Then there is all of those huge shopping malls and highrise apartment buildings. I used to work at the CN Tower every three months. When we were at the very top I would look down, just to see the top of those huge structures, along with the endless rows of cars, buses, trucks, and all sorts of running engines that makes the loud noises below. I am wondering whether you can relate to the horror that I know, through living in an environment like the City of Toronto. When there was not the horror of life in the city environment, there was the wild parties of darkness, drunkennes, a gunshot or two, maybe two or three murders.

When God gave the Light of Life, He took me away from the noise, the haste, and bewildering structures of the City, onto the small roads of the nearest park, where He taught me to listen to His voice as He talked and walked with me. It was in the parks that I witnessed God’s Love, through the sound and view of the running brooks, the scene of the colorful wildflowers, the birds of various sizes and feathers of beautiful shades, and the soft feel of the breeze on my face. Never have I witnessed such Love and beauty in a church house, where the majority of human beings are sound asleep, rather than doing the thing they came there to do, which I understand is to give worship to God.

As I experienced the beauty and thrill of walking in the park, it always seemed that I heard God saying to me: ” I created these things for the benifit of joy, peace, and tranquility in you, that you may know that Life comes to you from Me.” I cannot deny that Truth.

In July 2008, I believe that is the same year you settled in Dominica, I spent six weeks there afer 30 years of absence. And from the first week that I was there, I realized that I had left my Paradise, to settle in a place where life means conforming to an existence of greed, cheating, stealing, and killing because of pride, arrogance, jealousy, envy, and the love of money, fame, and power.

As I saw my beautiful homeland I said to myself, that God may be planning for Dominica to be His new Garden of Eden. Travelling along the roads, heading to the beach at Portsmouth, and looking at the top of Morne Trois pit ton (correct my spelling) I know that I felt God’s presence; an experience that convicted me, Dominica’s mountains are destined to become God’s home.

One day I was shopping at Astaphan’s Shopping Center. As I was looked through the books on their book shelf, I noticed a book with the Title, “In Search of the Lost Eden, A History of Dominica.” This book is written by Lennox Honeychurch and someone else. I can remember Lennox because I knew his father. I understand from Internet information that he is a Historian

Dan, it is not a coincidence that Lennox, his co-writer and I, have the same idea, of Dominica being the Garden of Eden. The story of the Garden of Eden is from the Holy Bible, so Lennox and his co-writer has to believe in God. God has a mind, and He gives that mind to those who will humble themselves, and maintain faith in Him

It also is not a coincident that Dominica has been voted number two, as the top ten purest island to travel to and spend leisure time. God has put His mind in the minds of the people of Dominica to maintain her natural beauty; because this beauty is a blessing from Him, and He wants the world to know about it. As it has been said, as I have witnessed it, so do I write it.

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