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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

photo of a sperm off the coast of Dominica island

Dominican Andrew Armour, has been called the “Whale Whisperer” because of his ability to communicate with sperm whales.

“Once I’m in the water I try to reach them acoustically by making this noise in the water, and it’s the same noise all the time so they know it’s me,” he says. “So I’m talking to them all the time in the water, and they start coming.” Andrew Armour; Dominica’s Whale Whisperer

Just an amazing story. No wonder Dominica is referred as the Whale Watching capital of the Caribbean, and is one of the best Whale Watching Destinations in the world.

Thanks Dominica for being whale friendly. Because whales are truly amazing creatures.

FYI – Not only is the Dominica whale-friendly, they also are ocean friendly having established two Marine Reserves and are currently working on creating a third.

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Comment by dr. richardson
2010-05-04 17:26:52

no one really cares so get a life

Comment by dr. richardson
2010-05-04 17:29:25

i love sperm whales yo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-05-05 14:00:53

There are so many different things that interest different people. I am sure that whale watching is one of them.

Andrew has a gift that promotes the safeness of whale watching; hence another reason to provoke the desire for outsiders to visit Dominica, which gradually promotes the tourist industry there.

Comment by Dan
2010-05-06 22:28:43

We went sperm whale watching in Dominica and at first waited for an hour with no sighting. Bored, I started playing my harmonica, and withing three minutes whales appeared. They were around for a while, then sounded. After about 10 minutes someone suggested I play again. I did and the whales appeared almost at once. Coincidence? Or did the whales hear the harmonica and come up to investigate?

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-05-06 23:07:00

That is a beautiful story from you, Dan. But I would not call it a coincident. I truly believe that the whales responded to the sound of the harmonica, just as they respond to the noise that Andrew makes in the water.

I once read that the growth of house plants depends on the environment of the house. The information is not clear in mind now, because it was a long time ago. But I remember reading that plants grow well in an evironment with continuous soft music.

I believed that because I used to love music, especially love songs and country music. I always had music in my house whenever I was at home; and along with much sunlight and water, my plants grew as lovely as the sound of the music.

Humans, lower animals, plants, and other species are all combined to form what is known as NATURE. Each has a different lifestyle, but MAN has been given authority over all.

Comment by Michelle
2012-04-02 10:17:36

Really???? What planet are you from. No one really cares? I guess your real name is NO ONE, because I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t care about such a magnificent creature. You are one bitter mother effer. I feel sorry for you.

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