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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Roots Reggae Superstar Nasio Fontaine

“The music is important; I want my music to be my contribution to the people of the world.” – Nasio Fontaine

It’s such a thrill to share with you this interview with one of Dominica’s International heroes, Roots Reggae superstar Nasio Fontaine.

Born to a Carib Indian mother and father of African descent, in the village of Carte-Bois (Bagatelle), located on the Southeastern coast of Dominica, Nasio grew up in a one room wooden country house without running water or electricity.

To this day, Nasio has remained true his up bringing, and continues to live a simple life – as a farmer, husband, musician, teacher, and as a Rasta.

With albums like Reggae Power (1994) was followed by Wolf Catcher (1997), Revolution (1999), Living in the Positive (2004), and Universal Cry (2006); reggae music lovers from all over the world have grown to love Nasio’s name, his voice and his conscious reggae lyrics – that speaks of revolution, of waking up the sleeping consciousness of oppressed and freedom for loving people across the Earth.

In this interview, Nasio talks about:

  • What started him on the road to Reggae Music
  • Rastafarism, Dreadlocks and Reggae Music
  • The Rights of Musicians, and advice to up-and-coming singers
  • His love for Dominica and advice for travelers visiting Dominica
  • What he has coming up in near future, including his next musical video

We at Dominica Weekly were fortunate enough to have spend an entire day with Nasio and his wife Helen Fontaine.

In our interview we tried to keep the questions to a minimum, avoid repeating too much of what is already available on the internet, and got a little more personal to give you the readers a more in depth insight into the life of Nasio Fontaine – who lives his life according to the teaches of Jah (God), and uses his music to speak to all Jah children.

Plz note: Due to the length of the interview – it was broken up into 5 parts to avoid load problems with persons without slower internet connection. We hope you enjoy this interview!

Part 1:Nasio talks about his life as a Reggae Artist and the path which lead to reggae music.

Part 2: He comments on the topic of Rasta, Dreadlocks and Reggae Music.

Part 3: Nasio talks about his impending New Album and future collaborations with other musical artists.

Part 4: In this video Nasio comments on the Rights of the artist, and shares some insightful advice for upcoming reggae artists.

Part 5: Nasio talks about Dominica and shares some advice for Travelers coming to the nature isle.

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Comment by Dominican in NY
2009-10-08 14:02:57

Haile I, Selassie I the First, Jah Rastafari. Negus Negus I. Long Live Nasio and his inspirational music. One Perfect Love

Comment by Larry
2009-10-09 01:53:11

From this reader of Dominica Weekly for many years I thank you for this post that shares wisdom and enlightens with the honesty of the speaker. God’s love to everyone . Jah’s love to I and I.

Comment by Joan Josephine Fontaine Durand
2009-10-25 21:41:00

This message is for Nasio Fontaine from his cousin Joan if you get, this message please give me a call a promoter from Montserrat is trying to get you to come here for a show but he do not have no way to contact you but through me, Queen Ifrica from Jamaica please get in touch we me and i will hook you up. my telephone number is 1664 496 2782.for confirmation

thank you brother.

your Sis Joan Josephine Fontaine Durand.

Comment by Veselo
2009-10-27 11:41:24

Dear Joan, I have told about your comment to Nasio and Helen and sent your contact. Also, everybody, who wants to contact Nasio directly, can do that easily through his website:, on e-mail, which is published in the contact page of his website. They answer rapidly.

Comment by Kwame
2010-03-29 13:00:55

Hi, am kwame from Ghana in Africa. May i know if Nasio Fontaine father is from Ghana and what is his name. Thank you.

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