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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Photo by:diametrik

Allow me to explain before you start getting all fusses.

When you haven’t had fruitcake in a while, and someone puts a rich slice in front of you, shiny fork on the edge of the plate, chances are, you’re going to enjoy it…delicious. That is…until you have one bite too much.

It’s been my personal experience that healthy early relationships limit their exposure of each other to infrequent doses. That’s the thing about fruitcake; everything seems to be going ok until you go overboard. Girlfriends somewhat tends to be the same. This way, when you’re together you have plenty to talk about, discover, and experience, until it’s time to part ways and plan the next encounter. Many couples that spend too much time together at this early stage tend to burn each other out.

A Deep Breath

Wives, on other hand, are much different. Married couples tend to spend a lot of time together. Often they become like a single entity, sharing decisions, thoughts, and opinions. But in the best marriages (so I’ve been told), being together is not something mindful. You don’t “decide” to be together day to day, you just are.

This is exactly like oxygen. You don’t consciously decide to breathe moment to moment. You are not worried if oxygen will be there or not, just as you’re not worried whether they’re still committed to you or whether they’re suitably entertained or not. You just exist…together.

Of course, not all girlfriends are like fruitcake. And not all wives are like oxygen. But I find the best relationships follow this theme. I could go on…but all this talk has made me hungry for fruitcake. (The real thing…don’t worry, honey 🙂 ).Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Comment by Diane Corriette
2008-03-09 20:49:18

The best way to enjoy anything in life is with balance. To only eat (or breathe!) as much as you need so you do not feel as if you have taken in too much, or that there is not enough!

Too much cake over loads you and too much oxygen makes you light headed and queasy.

Whether you have cake or oxygen always remember that too much (or little) of anything is no good for us! :mrgreen:

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