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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

The Old French Quarter which is a spectacular open savannah with views in DominicaSpectacular View of the Savannah at The Old French Quarter

The hike to Soufriere to Scotts Head was the second hike at this year’s Hike Fest and is the first segment of the Waitukubuli National Trail. Seven kilometers of continuously compelling nature, ideal for the entire family.

The hike begins with a 15 minute gentle climb to the Gallion road, the next 45 minutes is a steep climb and an excellent trail that will lead to the highest point of the hike.

After peaking the ridge the trail continues down to The Old French Quarter which is a spectacular open savannah with views in all directions. Following on the right or West side, the trail now continues on down to Scotts Head. This is a gentle descent on a good trail that has existed for years as a footpath; you can see some areas with extensive rock walls.

Upon completion of the hike, we all gathered at the Caribantic Building in Scotts Head to have lunch. As we were eating, we shared our experiences of what we got out of the hike. As for myself, I saw the hike in a positive light, and just fortunate to be apart.

To some people, hiking or any other form of outdoor activity can be seen as a drag or chore for them, particularly on the weekends when this time period is seen as an opportunity to sleep more. However, exercise as we all know is beneficial not just to our mind but also our body and spirit. And what better place than the nature island – Dominica! Below are some pics from the hike….Enjoy! 😛

A collage of Dominica's fauna and flora

photo of a rasta boy in dominica hold a soursop

Photo of hikers in Dominica

Image of a crab in Dominica

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Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-05-12 02:49:48

Yesterday afternoon I was downstairs, in the Recreation Room of my resident building. It was my regular time with members of my church, at our program named, Making Connection. I had taken my laptop with me to show to my companions, a Youtube of Dominica’s Carnival Queen Contestant shows for 2010. I had trouble getting that Youtube show, so I decided to show them some pictures of Dominica, with Carnival and other natural sceneries. When I noticed the lack of interest in those people, and not being surprised by their response, I simply shut off my laptop and joined with their deadly idleness.

My Spirit talks to me. So I find my mind in a dialogue conversation quite often, and since I have come to understand what is happening, I just go along with it.

By evening time I was now at home, in my apartment, and the dialogue had begun again. This time it was about the response of my church companions as I showed them such beautiful pictures that did not seem to mean a thing to them. And yes, that is the way they respond to almost everything about Life, except from eating physical food.

As I ask my Spirit why did it seem that so many people have no attraction to the things of Life, such as those beautiful pictures of the Nature of Dominica, which makes me breathless everytime I look at them. My Spirit told me that very few people have Life in them, which is the reason they are unable to respond to the things of Life. That is a truth that I had heard before.

It is so unfortunate, that so many people believe that just because they go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, it is evidence of Life in them. But Jesus talked so much, about people being blind, deaf, and even dead, because they could not understand and accept His teachings, neither His Way of Life. The apostle Paul says it another way, as he reminds people that they may be living in darkness and with a carnal mind. It means the same as Jesus telling people they are dead.

I wrote this story because its truth came back to me as Chris said that “to some people hiking or any form of outdoor activity can be a drag or a chore.” I knew a time when I could say that about myself, but then, those were the days I was existing solely as a person of dust. But when I became alive in the Spirit, I also learned that mind, body, and soul, needs to be fed; as Spirit is Life, prompting the hunger.

Life is in the Spirit. And the person who knows this Life knows the ecstasy of being part of nature, like that, which is all our Island of Dominica. For the Spirit gives Life and it causes everythng and everyone, in which Life has been activated, to either manifest or experience Love. For Love is Life and its ecstasy is the essence of joy and peace. Those who know joy and peace are bound to declare the force Life in them.

Come on people of Dominica! Can’t more than a few of you see the message that Chris is sending out about Dominica through these blogs. Why don’t we lend him some support through our comments. It is true that he leaves pictures that speaks a thousand words, but it would be better still if we would all speak a few of those words to build up what Chris is showing and telling. Or else, we do not care about our Dominica at all.

Comment by Sophiya
2010-05-14 00:38:26

It is so beautiful!

Comment by elizabeth xavier
2010-05-15 02:30:41

Yes, Sophiya! Those are only four words, but they contribute to causing Dominica to become known to the world. For you described what you have seen with your own two eyes, a lovely testimony on behalf of our Dominica. Do we have another testimony? Oh, stand up, somebody!

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