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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Simple Sentences in Creole
What is your name? Sa ki non’w?
My name is Paul Nom mwen se` Paul
What is your age? Sa ki laj ou?
I am twenty years old. Mwen ni ven nannè
Good Day, Sir Bonn apwé midi
Good night Paul Bon Swé, Paul
What is your nationality? Ou sé moun hód ki péyi?
I’m a Dominican Mon sé yon sent Dominican
What do you want? Ki sa ou vié?
I want a drink. Mon vié yon bwé.
I am thirsty. Mon Swéf.
Give me some water, please. Ba mon tibwen glo souplé
I am hungry. Mon fen.
I am not hungry Mon pa fen.
I am going to eat my food Mon ka alé manjé manjé mon.
Where are you going? Wéla ou ka alé?
I am going to the market. Mon ka alé an laplas-la.
Where can I find a church Wela mon sa tape yon légliz?
Today is a beautiful day. Jódi sé yon bél jou.
It is raining Lapli ka tonbé.
It is very hot today. I byen cho jódi.
How much is it? Kouma pou sa?
I have no money Mon pa ni lajan.
Good day Bon Jou
Where is the toilet? Oti pwivi la
Thank you Mes
Goodbye Ovwa
How are you? Sa ka fete?
Months of the Year in Creole
January Janvyé
February Fevwiyé
March Mas
April avwi
May mé
June jen
July jwiyé
August awou
September sèptanm
October òktòb
November novanm
December désanm

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Comment by LeeAnn
2006-07-22 05:35:32

I would love to learn kweyol but I can’t find any books. Do you know where i can find some?

Comment by Christophe
2006-08-18 20:58:49

Dear LeeAnn,

There is a small book store called Frontline in Dominica that sells Kweyol(Creole) Dictionary.

Frontline Book Store
78 Independence Street, Roseau
Tel: 1(767) 448 8664

Hope this information helps.

Comment by GJF
2008-02-09 19:09:36

I have searched he net for a book to learn Kweyol… I was born in DA but unfortunately I was never taught my native tongue, but rather English…., anyway I ran across a site that has a Kweyol Dictionary & writing system which may be of help to you all.. it is a St. Lucian site.., hope this is of some help.

Comment by Nadene
2009-10-09 20:27:07

My dad is Dominican and my mom is Jamaican so my dad didn’t teach us(my brother, sister and i) Kweyol (Creole) and it wouldn’t be fair cause my mom wouldn’t know what we’re saying. But my mom, brother, sister and i know a little bit but this page is very helpful

Comment by miss s
2010-01-06 10:42:43

i was wondering is there a cassette or CD which teaches kweyol instead of a book and if so where can i get one from?

Comment by Chris
2010-01-07 06:41:13

I not aware of a Cassette or CD that teaches Kweyol, but I will find out.

Comment by Lyn
2010-01-07 10:31:25

To piggy back on Christophe’s comments, I got 2 books from Frontline called Dominica’s Diksyonnè and A Visitor’s Guide to Kwéyòl. They’ve been extremely helpful!

Comment by Chris
2010-01-08 06:57:06

Great Lyn, but unfortunately Frontline has closed down. Yep…they close around October – November last year.

I will check the different bookstores around Roseau, to see they carry any of these books, just in case anyone else wants to buy, and I will update the names of bookstores in the comments.

Comment by Bernard
2010-09-07 02:40:10

Jays Bookstore in Roseau Dominica carry the Kweyol Dictionary

Comment by Chris
2010-09-07 08:00:12

I’m not sure….but I will find out.

Comment by Toon
2011-01-22 19:05:33

with diffferent people for all the villages pronouncing words differently, it might be hard to learn form a book if you dont have the background. the best way is to lisyen ad ask the english transaltion. For instance in the translation above someone saind “thank you ” is mes. others would say mesi, so whic is right it all depends on what you have heard before. Another word I noticed above “what do you want””is translated above “qui sa ou vie”. I would have said “qui sa ou vle”. vie would have translated to mean old.

Comment by kerryann
2011-05-18 10:57:43

wow i love this it is so kool nice and i would love to learn it some day

Comment by Charles brown
2011-10-07 08:23:30

this ceole is almost the same with Haitian creole. Almost the same wors. That’s good.

Comment by Charles brown
2011-10-07 08:25:03


Comment by Louise
2011-11-16 10:00:36

does anyone know where I can get a book or lesson’s on knowing how to speak the language??

Comment by Chris
2011-11-18 10:34:26

The kwéyòl (Creole) dictionary is being sold in Dominican book stores. Check Jays book store in Roseau.

Comment by jen
2011-11-29 18:37:24

it’s hard

Comment by D
2012-04-22 20:50:19

In Mahaut and Otro Bando the language is more commonly called Patwa

Comment by lexi
2012-12-27 09:26:49

my dad was born in dominica very close to the carrabean sea

Comment by kenisha louis
2013-01-24 19:35:29

Patwa is very nice so i love Dominica!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by kenisha louis
2013-01-24 19:37:46

u guys I love dominic im 9 by the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by glenda
2015-10-30 06:42:33

Frontline closing was soooo sad! I loved that store. Great site. Jay’s actually does sell the creole dictionary but the best way is to learn from a creole speaker if you can. I constantly have to ask my grandmother what she is saying when she visits us. 🙂

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