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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

What happens when you drop a husband and wife in rugged interior of Dominica with just the clothes on their backs and a knife they must survive for four days and nights? Well you are about to find out.

Dominica was recently featured on the season finale of Discovery Channel TV SeriesMan, Woman, Wild! The hosts, Mykel and Ruth go in search of island paradise, only to find themselves in a steaming jungle hell.

Watch to see what happens, as they test their will and their marriage, the two find common ground standing up to Dominica’s lush mountainous rainforests and steaming jungle.

Man, Woman, Wild: Dominica (1/3)

Man, Woman, Wild: Dominica (2/3)

Man, Woman, Wild: Dominica (3/3)

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Comment by Veselo
2010-09-30 09:53:12

Ha-ha… I laugh to the question of the show which is spoken by serious voice:
What happens when you drop a husband and wife in rugged interior of Dominica with just the clothes on their backs and a knife they must survive for four days and nights?
It is easy! Island so small. Just follow the river and find closest village or road :)))) And at the morning of the second day they already came to Miracle Lake, where you can find signs of the owner of land and paths to civilization. Seems, they were by purpose do not notice that :))) The show is good to see what the island can offer if you want to go to wild and spend few days there :)) but I think to be lost here is very difficult…

Comment by Joel Halfwassen
2010-09-30 14:08:22

You know the best part about this episode? No snakes!

Comment by Dan
2010-10-02 13:00:26

All the so-called reality shows are in fact scripted.

Portraying Dominica as a difficult place to survive is a disservice to Dominica. There’s food everywhere and shelter is remarkable easy to make. Heck, why would anyone want to be “rescued”? We choose to live here!

Comment by Dan
2010-10-11 17:16:15

1. Dominica is not a place to escape from, it’s a place to escape to.

2. How did the couple stay dry the 2nd night, in a hammock with no roof shelter? Especially in the mountains, where it almost always rains.

3. From the look of the surf, it appears they reached the Atlantic (east) coast. How then did they see a sunset?

4. It was nice not to see litter. Obviously the sites were cleared of litter for the filming. I wish they could film more places & clear the litter in the process.

5. Someone should have explained that the river in one scene was brown with soil carried down when it was swollen with rain. And, if there is rain, never follow a river through a gorge because of flash flood danger.

6. It’s not credible that they built all they did in those short times having only a knife.

But the show was enjoyable.

Comment by Lizavier ofDA atTO
2010-10-13 21:06:14


Yes indeed! I agree with you on both comments. This show was a disservice to our Dominica more than anything else.

Who wants to run from the noise and haste of their present existence to go to a place where they would have to do battle with the desire to satisfy their hunger, their need for shelter and clothing, and to escape the dangerous or destructive exposures they encounter.

In the year 2010, living in Dominica is in no way, the uncivilized existence that this show is portraying it to be. The human mind of today is easily fooled to believe the worst.

Unfortunately, our people accepted this show, believing that our Dominica was publicized; but what was the benefit of this publicity to us and our country. Perhaps we do not yet realize that some people will do whatever it takes to put money in their bank account. You and I probably understand that was the main idea in the minds of those people who filmed this show in Dominica.

I did not watch the show, especially that I am not interested in fabrication. And I wish that we would learn to discern the truth, before we get all excited about what outsiders come to do in our country. Thank you for letting people know that “Dominica is not a place to escape from, but a place to escape to”. I believe that all the way!

Comment by Dan
2010-10-16 18:02:56

Thank you for your kind words.

Comment by Bella
2012-02-09 00:51:01

People needs to relax…the show was eye opening and it was great to watch…too often we show the exterior of the island and not the interior…no one would ever believe the entire island is like this…get over your selves. I wish the should would come back!

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