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Georgia and the Commonwealth of Dominica Established Diplomatic Relations

According to the joint communiqué, the establishment of diplomatic relations serves the interests of the peoples of Georgia and the Commonwealth of Dominica. Relations between the two states will be guided by the principles of national sovereignty, respect of territorial integrity and inviolability of frontiers of sovereign states.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit Says the Courts in Dominica Are Totally Independent

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says the courts in Dominica are ‘totally independent’ and permit anyone to put forward a case against anyone who has infringed on their fundamental rights. He says persons must not create the impression that the courts in Dominica are not independent and acting out of their own independence.

Dominica’s Indigenous People No Longer Want to be Referred to as Caribs

Dominica’s indigenous people no longer want to be referred to as Caribs. The Council announced today that it has written to the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs, with a copy to the Ministry of Carib Affairs, requesting that these outdated references to “Carib” in the Act legally be replaced and substituted with the term […]

Outgoing Attorney General Francine Baron-Royer says her Decision to Step Down was not Due to any falling out with the DLP Administration or Pressure for her to Discontinue as AG

Effective October 15th, Francine Baron Royer will no longer hold the position of Attorney General as her three year contract comes to an end. In a statement on DBS Radio, Baron-Royer stated that she will now be returning to her private practice after having served her country over the past three years.

Carib Chief Has Accused Gov’t of Eroding an Act Governing the Indigenous People

Carib Chief Garnet Joseph is accusing the Roosevelt Skerrit led administration of eroding laws governing the indigenous people. There is still a tug of war over who should receive the keys of 41 newly constructed houses in the Carib Territory. Both the Carib Affairs Ministry and the Carib Council are claiming rights to receiving the […]

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