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Fire chief breaks silence of firefighters’ strike

For the first time since protest action was taken at the Portsmouth Fire Station and the subsequent sudden transfer of firefighters, Fire Chief Josiah Dupuis has spoken publicly on the matter. At a press conference on Thursday Dupuis said during… The post Fire chief breaks silence of firefighters’ strike appeared first on Dominica News Online .

Geothermal protest to begin Sunday

Beginning Sunday, a civic group will be maintaining a continuous presence at geothermal drilling sites in the Roseau Valley as a form of protest action. The Geothermal Awareness Group is calling for a halt to drilling and wants a complete… The post Geothermal protest to begin Sunday appeared first on Dominica News Online .

UWP prostestors charged!

A senior police officer (left) speak with members of the public during a protest action led by the main Opposition party outside Hosue of Assembly last year. Those behind the staging of a United Workers Party (UWP) demonstration outside of the House of Assembly last year have been charged. The UWP and several of its supporters had gathered outside the House during a parliament session on November 29, 2010 with placards, in dissatisfaction of a decision by Alix Boyd-Knights, speaker of the House of Assembly, to disallow five of its questions in the House. The UWP said it was angered that its questions meant for government ministers were ruled out of order

Dominica Taxi Drivers Hold Protest Action

ROSEAU, Dominica: Taxi operators showed their concerns last week over what they called ‘unfair treatment’ given to taxi drivers in Dominica. Protest actions were held after some of the drivers registered under the Combined Taxi Association claimed that drivers with ‘organized tours’ are given preferential treatment, while the other certified taxi drivers are limited in […]

Protest Action Being Planned Against DOMLEC and Government

Consumers against high utility rates CAHUR is getting ready up for a stellar protest action against DOMLEC and Government in an effort to bring relief to consumers of electricity. No date has been given for the protest action but CAHUR is in the process of raising funds to bus passengers into the city for the […]

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