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Comment by Dan
2008-02-27 15:44:28

Military alliance? Dominica doesn’t even need a military. Police for public safety and coast guard for rescues and anti-smuggling, especially of drugs and people, should suffice.

But any such alliance would only be on paper, I suppose…

Comment by Vlad
2008-02-28 00:43:40

– Dan

— The Bible

Comment by Vlad
2008-02-28 00:46:47

“But any such alliance would only be on paper, I suppose…”
– Dan

“At the beginning was the Word.”
— The Bible

Comment by junior h
2008-03-06 17:55:38

skerrit is a mad man Dominicans should Demonstrate until he break off tires with hugo on until he resigne before this country sinks

Comment by Dan
2008-02-28 12:33:32

Appeals to mythology settle no debate. Mythology only clouds the issue.

The mythology book you cite gives two conflicting creation versions (both myths) in its first chapter. In both, though, “light” is somehow “created” four days before the sun is.

Comment by Vlad
2008-02-28 23:13:03

I am a big admirer of Carl Jung and physics, Nobel laureate in quantum theory Wolfgang Pauli.
These guys thought that the myth gives a more accurate picture of the life rather than scientific theory. We live in a scientific theory or in accordance with mythology.

Comment by Dan
2008-02-29 15:49:50

We’re all indoctrinated into myths as children and it is hard to shake off that brainwashing in our later years. Even Albert Einstein, however, later had to say that his greatest error was his refusal — caused by belief in a supreme being that he was taught as a child — to accept the fact that the universe is completely subject to randomness.

Comment by Bird
2008-02-29 16:01:16

Sorry, that involved with the dialogue)))
Quantum physicists say that our thoughts shape the energy from which the universe is. And what difference as to call this energy, whether God, matter, quanta. But it is a fact – the universe is in our thoughts. And it is also a myth, but I love it, and the Universe meets me, because energy is man and man is energy))).

Comment by Dan
2008-02-29 16:10:28

Bird, I don’t know where you obtained your misinformation. I am a retired physicist. You write:

1. “Quantum physicists say that our thoughts shape the energy from which the universe is.” That is not said by any physicist, quantum or otherwise. It is nonsense.

2. “…the universe is in our thoughts.” That is long-discredited philosophy; look up “solipsism”.

Randomness rules the universe — hard to accept if you wish to cling to myth (religion or otherwise), but demonstrably true nonetheless.

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-01 00:07:35

Dan: I am a retired physicist.

– Anton Zeilinger and his team received a new experimental confirmation paradoxical from the point of view of classical physics properties of quantum objects.

That work continues now quarter century tradition of experimentation by the so-called Bell’s inequalities, initiated in 1982 the French physicist Alain Aspect.

Anton Zeilingers team do not preclude the need to move away from the tenets of science as Aristotelian logic, or the inability to influence on the past.

We have understand that much sooner. Without such complex experiments:-))

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-01 00:40:46

“Most working scientists hold fast to the concept of ‘realism’—a viewpoint according to which an external reality exists independent of observation. But quantum physics has shattered some of our cornerstone beliefs. According to Bell’s theorem, any theory that is based on the joint assumption of realism and locality (meaning that local events cannot be affected by actions in space-like separated regions) is at variance with certain quantum predictions.”

Comment by junior h
2008-03-01 12:21:25

Dominica can’t even control the lawlesnest of those haitians and spanish that enter our country and live through the back door as they please and skerit making the world believe that Dominicans giving him the authority to parade Dominica like papi show “military alliance are you kidding me.” Are we Dominicans or Doominicans .Organise and chant down agains this madness thats what we need to be doing.

Comment by Dan
2008-03-06 09:40:33

So we’re both retired physicists. Actually, I graduated as a physics major (and math minor) but never made my living as a physicists; I instead became employed in the computer industry.

I’m aware of what you sent. It is interesting. But it in no way is it claimed by the late Anton Zeilinger to prove the existence of a supreme being.

Comment by Dan
2008-03-06 11:07:10

At first, Vlad, I did not understand what you meant by writing “We have understand that much sooner. Without such complex experiments:-))”. Now I take it to mean “We understood that before and did not need to experiment to learn it.”

Well, my reaction to that is to say that believers in the supernatural immediately think that they “understand” anything they really don’t know at all by attributing a supernatural cause. So in modern times, we have the cargo cult. And in the movies, an explorer can amaze would-be cannibals by producing a cigarette lighter or flashlight.

There are lots of things we don’t understand but to which we don’t attach a supernatural cause either. We know the amount of gravitational force between masses, but we don’t know why — gravity is just a property of mass (or of the curvature of space in the vicinity of mass; we don’t really know) and may be caused by particles or waves (neither of which have been discovered).

But one must question, just as Michelson and Morley questioned the existence of “the aether” and thus proved it did not exist. They had no replacement for it thought; and it took Einstein with the knowledge that it did not exist to show the invariant velocity of light independent of notion of observer or source (at least as far as we now know, but we’re still experimenting). The experiments you cite happen to deal with faster than light speed instantaneous events. We’re still learning.

As to the existence of a supreme being, ” as has has been written was famously said, by Laplace to Napoleon, “I have no need of that hypothesis”.

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-06 14:39:20

Laplace to Napoleon, “I have no need of that hypothesis”.

I also cite this words of Laplace: Napoleon and Laplace was living in the different parallel worlds, and it did not prevent each of them to leave mark on the history:)) Will we consider that Napoleon was the Ignoramus?

Albert Einstein: “God does not throw dice”.
Niels Bohr: “Albert, don’t tell God what to do”. (Niels Bohr in response to Einstein)

Many of people said that Kurt G̦del destroyed the foundations of mathematics. G̦del responded that the foundations have remained the same. Only we have to understand: there is no substitute for human intuition Рeven in math, where seemingly it has no place. G̦del understood that intuition is not a way of thinking, but it is something else that is given from over.

And the same explorer may not know just as the cannibals, that photon of this lighter goes into the past to enter in interaction with another photon. :-))

P.S. Einstein and Bohr used the concept – “God” for to better understanding each other. This is example, when the myth is not blurred the meaning and make clarify.

Comment by Dan
2008-03-06 16:48:03

Oh, come on! We both know that near his death, Einstein stated that his belief in a unifying theorem (motivated by his refusal to accept godless randomness) had been his greatest mistake.

Human intuition may be able to discern facts, but by definition, it is only intuition when it proves to be correct.

Otherwise, appeals to belief based on logic, rationality and philosophy are exactly that: appeals, not proof or even necessarily a statement about reality.

The presently unexplained exists. The unexplainable may exist. No supreme supernatural being exists.

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-07 06:57:04

Here we are doing the Turing test with God: we ask him, he responds us. We can decide: is it the God or something else:))
It is on and only way to verify its existence, and another does not exist.

If you not believe in it, you have right, I think. I believe in a quite different thing and I have right too:))

Comment by Dan
2008-03-07 18:30:44

I am God. I am responding to you and you cannot see me.

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-07 23:33:44

I am God. I am responding to you and you cannot see me.
– No, You did not pass the test, on my opinion:))
But by sending me to communicate with You, He took the test again:))
On my opinion:))

Comment by Dan
2008-03-08 13:19:20

I think it is time to end the dialog on this subject. There is no way that I will be convinced that supernatural beings (god, devil, easter bunny, or Dracula) exist. Go on believing in whatever you choose.

Just remember — most atheists have excellent ethics, and many proclaiming believers are unethical. The bible was quoted in defense of slavery as often as against it. And, while sectarian continue, no atheist every harmed anybody for believing.

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-08 14:07:30

“Just remember — most atheists have excellent ethics, and many proclaiming believers are unethical.”

– I am completely agree to You. A particularly disgusting to do business from the use of religion. You are much closer to God than the Pope and Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. On my opinion:)) The belief – this is a personal persuasion, which should not graze a interests of other persons. God comes to us in many ways, including through atheism:)). A religion is the personal Sacrament of each.

Comment by boldface dominican
2008-03-12 19:21:21

“Just remember — most atheists have excellent ethics, and many proclaiming believers are unethical.”

stupes …what a fallacy!!!!! For people like you all with great degrees, you guyz sure speak unintelligently. Its not even the grammar, but the content of your opinions on this board. atheists have excellent ethics…lolol wow I assume that you have met all aetheist to determine that ridiculous conclusion that you have made… I will no longer participate on this board. Tis is absolutely ludacris

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-14 09:32:25

“Do you not condemn and you will not be condemned:))” (The Bible.) Other comments would be superfluous:)). – Professor wins prize for maths link to God

“A Polish priest and mathematician has won the world’s richest academic prize for work that shows how maths can offer circumstantial evidence of God’s existence.

Professor Michael Heller, 72, a pioneering cosmologist and philosopher specialising in mathematics and metaphysics, received the ?820,000 prize yesterday in New York.”

Atheism. It is the product of the faith. This is irrational. It is also a form of a religion.
Everyone was created in the image and likeness of God. Anyone himself is free to decide what to believe him.
And no one is closer to God than you did himself, neither the Pope nor a someone.
Ethics is a insidious thing. If you think yours ethics is better – it is not modesty position. If you preach someone else’s ethics – it is immoral. In my opinion. “Do you not condemn and you will not be condemned” – bibles opinion.:))

Comment by Dan
2008-03-12 20:47:28

Fortunately I don’t have to respond to this, because this guy (see following) did. Or is it a message from god?

Church Gunman’s Letter Shows Him Angry, Confused About God
CALL7 Investigators Obtain Copy Of Letter
Tom Burke and Tony Kovaleski , CALL7 Investigators

POSTED: 1:24 pm MDT March 12, 2008
UPDATED: 5:22 pm MDT March 12, 2008
DENVER — Sometime before his deadly rampage at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, gunman Matthew Murray penned a letter addressed to God in which he poured out his frustration and confusion over his faith and ranted about the hypocrisy of Christians.

Colorado Springs police discovered the letter in Murray’s 1992 Toyota Camry, which was found parked outside the New Life Church on the day of the shootings. CALL7 Investigators obtained a copy of the letter on Wednesday, hours after Colorado Springs police released its official 450-plus page report on the shootings.

The expletive-laced letter addressed “To God” begins, “What have I done so wrong? What is wrong with me anyways? Am I really such a bad person?”

The one and half page later is primarily Murray asking questions of God.

“I didn’t even ask to be born. Jesus, where are you? Do you even care these days ?… Why didn’t you ever answer my cries for help? Why do I have to be hurt by so many Christians?” he asked.

In several sentences, Murray spews insults at God, using an epithet for female anatomy, and asks, “Why couldn’t you write your damn book more clearly?

“The more I read your stupid book, the more I pray, the more I reach out to Christians for help the more hurt and abused I get,” he wrote.

“I’ve heard good things about what Jesus can do, yet everywhere I go in Christianity, all the Christians I see or meet are miserable, angry, selfish, hypocritical, proud, power hungry, abusive, uncaring, confused, lustful, greedy, unsure of their doctrine and mean-spirited … Am I too lost to be saved? My soul cries for deliverance. I’m dieing (sp), praying, bleeding and screaming. Will I be denied???”

On Dec. 9, 2007, Murray shot and killed two people at the Youth With A Mission Center in Arvada then hours later went to Colorado Springs and opened fire at the New Life Church, killing two more people. Murray was shot several times by a security guard before he aimed a gun at his head and killed himself.

It’s obvious he worried about the ever-after but didn’t write anything about his intentions to kill himself.

“Honestly, I do sometimes worry about hell. How do I avoid hell? It seems everyone in Christianity these days are confused. … What is the truth? Where can I find it? Where can I find the real ‘Christians?’ … Are you too pissed off at me to even care about me or to hear my cries for help? Am I too wicked to have Salvation? Are you planning to hurt me more?”

He pointed out the hypocrisy in Christians and tried to set himself in a positive light in God’s eyes.

“I’m a much nicer person with integity (sp) and I am more sincere and caring for people … The younger people who ‘have’ Jesus are oftentimes controlled by lust. I’m not,” he wrote. “I want to be free from this lifelong pain. Why didn’t any changes occur or any love or help come when I accepted you as Lord and Savior?”

Original post:

Comment by Dan
2008-03-14 17:24:10

So some misguided agency gave some witch doctor (metaphysics – oh, please!) an award. Big deal. The Nobel Committee gave Henry Kissinger a Peace Prize too.

Even the Catholic Church now says that Aquinas was wrong: you can’t prove the existence of god from nature.

And the bible says pi = 3. Hard to think that math shows god when god can’t get the math right. The bible also condones slavery and murder and says that there are witches and other such utter nonsense; all that mixed in with some good ethical rules. On balance, it is more crap than reality.

And saying we’re made in god’s image does not make it so. Would that image be male or female, and what race, by the way?

Atheism is not faith, not any more than my scientific support for the theories of universal gravitational attraction of mass, or of evolution. My theory is that there is no god, and that there is also no way to test to prove or disprove the theory, just as there is no way to prove or disprove what Heller was after: that there has to be a reason for existence. I don’t know about any strategic reason, but tactically, I exist to pass my genes on (and have done so).

Comment by Vlad
2008-03-15 02:17:50

The science is a differential equation, God is its boundary conditions.
— Alan Turing.

What is intuition? That we will never know because under Gödel’s the incompleteness theorem or the Turing machine, in principle, impossible to describe the whole system in terms of it part.

The existence of God is not demonstrably. Not demonstrably absence of God. This is outside of cause and effect, it is beyond logic. For primitive theory Laplace such a hypothesis is not required. The discoveries that made Einstein, Bohr, Pauli, Gödel, Turing, Yung without this hypothesis it is difficult to understand:))

Comment by Jslight
2008-07-07 02:57:30

blah blah blah, This is for comments… not to brag about your stupid majors and degrees… Alot of you Dominicans are nothing much braggarts with nothing more than infamous credentials. In all honesty your opinions are biased and dumb. lol I’m only 18 btw and I see that you Dcans are all mouth talk adults who think your something higher than what you really are. Sickening really, go have a talk to the real people who actually do have the stats to hold a conversation.

Comment by Orange
2008-07-07 10:10:53

hmmm jslight. ignorance and disrespect symptoms of jealous and envy. Maybe you are right about those who post on here, that they don’t have credentials, but I can assure you that there are many Dominicans who aren’t actually “braggarts”. But its a shame that you have to stoop to their braggarting level and insult a country of 75 000 people over a few post found on this unscholarly blog. You are only 18 at that age what would you know about education and speaking with respect? When you are 18 most people call you immature or a fool. I think in your case its both. Have a great day!

Comment by Toni
2009-03-17 23:43:20

Hi Orange, plz email me at [email protected]

Comment by James derousseau
2011-07-12 20:59:28

Many educated people with good qualification in the sciences and createtivity fail to understand life.they send man in outer space and see the men float on air and fail to be constructive to understand why,its because no human can live outside the earth while he/she is a sprit in the body The body is the sacrifice to death so the sprit can go to the heavens if its of creation by the WORD a sprit is the eliment of life it cant die,every body is in the image of their sprit which is the eliment of life but not every sprit is of the same nature.
The devils are sprits from the ancient world when the world was universally in the gods was in the world.The ETERNAL HOLY SPRRIT IN THE LIGHT WITH THE WORD came into the world in the dark and the world was now divided betweeen light and darkness under a covenant of peace and to respect each others nature and not to make a god with his creation to do so is a immortal sin to bring death in the world and to remove devils and darkness in the world for ever.
The devils could not fornicate with angels in the light in the heavens,satan came to earth and raped Eve to make a god,his god did the same and raped the daughter of Eve with CHRIST IN Adam to make a god like him the devils was cast out of heaven and captured the daughter Christ in Adam pregant for his god and killed god who is called the unknown god in the bible and Christ Created His ELIJAH by the WORD who saved the son of god from the devils and brought him up to know scriptures instead of doing good became wicked as god his father as Jesus said to him in later generations when he was in the body of Peter,The wickedness of god your father you will do as he did to me before you were born and called himself mightyb God after the devils were captured.God himself said I repent I made mankind.Read THE BATTLE IN THE KINGDOM.for more in- formation about your history and for your Peace and not everlasting fire

Comment by James derousseau
2011-07-12 21:37:56

Dominicans why do you grumble about who the Prime minister make alliance with, I wish him well and should make an alliance with all nations who want to give Dominica a helping hand to develop
and create industries for the people on the island
If Dominica had oil you woul get help,or if the talban was on the island you would get aid and lots of dollars but you take your little dollars and go to the states and buy chicken wings,consider who buy our fruit and the restriction to export what is grown on the island going to waste.
Prime minister be friends to all and enemy to none first change the name of Dominica to whykibulli and go as far into the world as the lone Ranger with your star and show the world your power or you will end as small fish in a bowl of water like the other prime ministers before you.

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