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woman flat stomach

Forever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to lose weight and stay in shape. Over the years of workout and trying different exercises I’ve to come learn that loosing weight is only one factor – lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, hip to waist ratio, etc are all just as important.

After I got into shape, I wanted to get six –pack abs to look like one of those male models we see on magazines and on TV. That’s also was a dumb goal, and I will tell you why it’s dumb. Most people are not genetically programmed to have those kinds of abs. Secondly, even the supermodels and male models that have six-pack don’t have them all the time. Usually they have a little fat, and then burn it off in the weeks before a photo shoot.

My only goal now is to have a flat stomach – I’ve given up on having a six pack. It really should be all about getting it down to an acceptable body fat percentage, but I don’t have an easy of measuring that. A flat stomach can be measured in the mirror or by my fiancée. I don’t need to have defined abs, but just to lose some of my stomach fat and keeping it flat. To me, that will look good, and feel good.

Over the years I’ve learn what works best for me, and I’ve also done my research – here’s the three steps to a flat stomach and a healthier you.

Cardio, cardio, cardio. Doing all the abs exercises in the world will do nothing if you have a layer of fat covering it. To many times I’ve seen people go to the gym to lose stomach flat, and beginning doing all different types of ads exercises – then after six months they’re wondering why their is no improvement. Doing strength training, or lifting weights, would help, but not as much as aerobic exercise. So my plan is to continue my running, and add in playing basketball and swimming. I plan to do at least 35 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. On some days I’ll do more — 50 minutes, an hour, even more on long days. Until I build up my endurance, like I did with running, I’ll start up slow playing basketball and also the amount of time I spend swimming.

A quick note: interval training is also great, and I will add that in after my endurance is better. If you want to add some ab exercises in after the cardio, that’s great, but be sure to work your whole torso, not just the upper abs — that includes the lower abs, lower back and the muscles that wrap around your sides.

Less Fat and Sugar. It’s that simple. Here in the Caribbean there is everything that anyone will ever need to maintain a healthy diet, but most people resort to a diet that is typically filled with fat and sugar, and you’ll never get a flat stomach on that recipe. Cut out meat, if you can, and even better, cut out dairy and eggs. But if you can’t, at least eat lean meats (low-fat turkey, skinless chicken breast, lean beef, fish), and stay away from fried food and too many sugary desserts. I’m not saying that you have to starve yourself — if you’re eating healthy, you can actually eat a lot — or deprive yourself too much, but only eat the bad stuff in moderation. I’m not a Vegetarian, but Vegan diet is the best, especially if it’s balanced, rich in vegetable protein and calcium and minerals, full of fresh fruits and veggies, and high in fiber.

Give it Some Time. If you’re one of those persons who want to have a flat stomach in 3 weeks, or two months, forget it. Losing fat takes time, and it’s unhealthy to lose too much weight too fast. Aim for 1-2 lbs. a week. Gradual weight loss is healthier, and more likely to be sustained over time. Go for a lifestyle change, something you can live with for the rest of your life. Working toward having a flat stomach, is kind a like a marathon, not a sprint.

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Yes people, the Hurricane season is here again and it started off with a bang with Tropical storm Arthur-the first named storm of the 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season, developing off the coast of Mexico over the last weekend.

The weak tropical storm quickly made landfall over the Belize/Mexico border one day before the official start of the season.

Arthur dumped ten inches of rain over 36 hours across Belize causing flooding in low-lying areas, leaving four dead and three people missing.

Expert views

Experts are speculating over whether or not climate change will have an impact on future hurricane seasons.

Have your say: do you think that climate change will cause more global warming and in turn cause more intense hurricane seasons?


The main 2008 hurricane season outlook from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center (CPC), is in collaboration with scientists from the NOAA National Hurricane Center (NHC) and Hurricane Research Division (HRD) predicts a below –normal hurricane season. But the center also predicts that there’s a 65% chance of a “most likely” above –normal season and also a 25% chance of a near-normal season.

Personally I don’t trust predictions – maybe thats why they’re called predictions. The best advice I can give everyone, is to make sure you take all the necessary precautions early (re-enforce them doors and windows, cut all hanging tree branches over the house, start storing up on batteries, lamps and tin food), so if they do come they will be unable to impose too much damage that might leave you homeless.

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Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding has been discussing the issue of Jamaicans living abroad with dual nationality, on the basis that there is a potential of “conflict of interest” for Jamaicans MPs who might have to pass legislation against the interest of another nation for which they might also hold citizenship.

This comes from a recent court ruling made by the Jamaica Labour party, disqualifying an MP from the party on the ground that he had dual nationality.

BBC Caribbean reports, that this isn’t the first time the issue has come up for Caribbean Governments. Islands such as St kitts/ Nevis, Grenada, St Lucia, Guyana, and Trinidad – as all gone down this similar road. Where people in the diaspora holding dual nationality were disqualified to run for public office on the potential of “conflict of interest” to the citizenship they hold.

What do you think:

Do you think Dominica should create some type of legislation that will disqualify Dominicans in the Diaspora holding dual nationality, to run for public office?

Have you say in the comments.

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