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Dominica is an island of nature with incredible features. Its location on the eastern Caribbean Sea makes it ideal for exploring the wonderful scenery. The terrain is spectacular with a large area covered in rain forest, waterfalls, streams, and rivers.

This gives this area an impressive capture of nature. The bottom of the sea is just as beautiful as the land above. The western shores experience calm waters that make it ideal for beginners to dive in.

If you want to experience the thrill and amazement of the outdoors, then you should dive into Dominica Island. You get the chance to discover beauty through an excursion to the deeper waters.

Here are some of the many stunning features that will compel you to dive into Dominica Island. These include:

Gorgeous Creatures

Dominica Island features an underworld that is full of magical exploration and adventures. The world underneath will give you a mixture of excitement and amusement. You will encounter beautiful creatures such as seahorses, flying gurnards, Creole wrasse, and many other incredible beings. Most of these creatures are rarely seen in other Caribbean diving sites except in Dominica. The existence of enormous coral reefs and sponge harbors other rare creatures such as golden crinoids, Caribbean reef squid, sea urchins, and sea snakes. All these add up to the exceptional inhabitants of Dominica Island.

A glimpse of what it would look like swimming through the Swiss Cheese Tube Dive


Undersea volcanoes give Dominica Island an impressive underwater landscape. The lava flow from these volcanoes forms craters, vertical walls, and gulfs. These geothermal occurrences give the water below a rise in temperature making it warm. The seabed is entirely warm, and you can feel it through touch. You may also swim through these vents and caves formed by volcanoes.


The submarine topography gives a reflection of the landscape above the ground. Features such as canyons and cliffs go deeper below to offer a good stage for diving. Additional pinnacles, boulder fields, and craters also offer a good point of a breathtaking dive.

Dive Fest

The Dominica Water Association hosts an annual dive fest in early July. This is an amazing chance to enjoy diving and other marvelous events in Dominica. Some of the major events include special dive packages, whale watching, snorkeling picnics, photography, and many others. You also get the chance to interact with other divers from across the world.

Plenty of Dive Sites

Dominica Island contain many unique and attractive dive sites. These sites include Soufriere Pinnacle in the southern part of L’Abym, Point Break in the northern tip of the Island, Whale shark reef in the south of Great Savanne, and many others. This gives you an opportunity to experience a range of dive experiences in different regions. These sites also have dive operators to help you with your dive guide and safety.

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Known to the world as the Nature Island, Dominica is a dream destination for fitness freaks and the general populace. Although only 48,000 sq kilometers in surface area, the nation packs quite a punch – from steaming volcanoes, waterfalls and lavish greenery – countless opportunities await you.

Having said that, Dominica is not all about eye candy. A huge assortment of health and wellness centers await you here. Beauty spas, yoga studios, and freshwater swimming forms the crux of all physical exercises here.

As soon as you start making your way through the island, you will reseal that plants and animals that are extinct on other Caribbean islands are still present in Dominica.

A hike through one of those lush rainforests is sure to sooth you out mentally. Diet wise, the people heavily rely Heritage foods that include avocados, mangoes, bread fruits and tender coconut water. They are all very effective in cleansing and maintaining the human body. The locals believe that a healthy lifestyle is in itself the most effective treatment to all sorts of diseases.

Photo: Dominica local food produces from local Dominican farmers

The island is also widely known for the availability of natural medications – organic agriculture is the way of life here. The Kalinago Territory is home to an expensive sun based energy framework guided and bolstered by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center and subsidized by the European Union. The current government seems to be ushering in an era that might make sustainable living a number one priority.

On the other hand, the Waitukubuli National Trail is stretched across a sprawling hundred mile estate with lush wildlife and peaceful vistas. From canyons to cinematic waterfalls, everything you would ever dreamed of visiting – you will find here. The good news is that these trips don’t actually burn your pockets. They are very inexpensive and worth every penny. At the end of the day, you will find that you get the best out of your money spent.

A wonderful aspect regarding Dominica is the means by which it is so starkly different compared to its generally adjacent neighbors. A quick flight ride can transport you from the universe of skyscraper beachfront inns, tanked nightlife and hordes of pink-cleaned revelers to the completely different world that is so much more superior in comparison. After all, who was born to just pay bills and die? If you are suffocated by the effervescence of the dull and boring corporate life, head over to Dominica Island to experience a much needed breather.

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After getting to spend a day in Dominica, you can get to recognize that it is not similar to any of the other islands in the Caribbean. Whether you are there for getting into the rainforest for an eco-adventure or in a road trip to the great cities, the impression you receive is unbelievable.

The people you meet and the unspoiled nature you get to interact with is a full evidence that you are in the great island of Dominica. Here is The Ultimate Guide to Day Trips and Cruise Ships in Dominica.

The Rainforest

The rainforest covers the largest percentage of the island and is a great place to be. The charming characteristics of the entire place include; waterfalls, lakes, streams, rivers and many species of plants that are maintained by the good rainy climate. There is great volcanic appearance which gives the place an appealing aesthetic view.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

The nature in this package is fresh and it is the home for the great Emerald Pool which has crystal clear waters. For people who like to be in places with few people, the Salton Waterfalls is the heart of the park with four waterfalls where you can get to enjoy through swimming. The park has a beach with black sand where one can get to enjoy fruits, complementary thirst-quenchers, and a cool breeze.

The Marine Reserves

Cruise ships are available on a daily basis and the pleasure that comes with them is fantastic. Marine reserves are several and the best one to attend is Scotts Head Reserve. At Scotts Head, one can get a clear view coral reefs, turtles and many schools of fish. A good swimming environment is available and is done where the Caribbean Sea meets the big Atlantic Ocean. In the reserve there are dive masters, boat rides, snorkeling machines and equipment, and good food and drinks.

Canoeing Experience

Visiting the Village of Laudat for Canoeing Experience is good. At all times, safety information is provided to the visitors after which the experience of Canoeing begins. The Caribbean Sea and fresh waterways of Dominica make canoeing or kayaking the perfect way to sightsee Dominica. The Soffrey Bay is the best place to begin as a new visitor. The longest river of Dominica is known as Layou and canoeing in it means interacting with a very diverse habitat, chuckling birds, and numerous prop root.

Dominica Beaches

Black pebbles and white sands are what accentuates the beaches of Dominica. Some have black sand. Those who love white sand beaches should visit the northern coast where the best beaches include; Castle Bruce Beach, Lastote Beach, and Woodford Hill. There are hotels around each beach. Point Baptiste is the best location to stay as it lies between the black and white sand beaches.

The best black sand beaches are; Hampstead Beach, Castle Bruce Bay, and Longberry Beach. Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed in Portsmouth Beach and it hosts very good cottage hotel. The site is amazing.

Other great places to consider for day trips include, Cabrits National Park, India River Tours, the town of Roseu, The Old Market, the Middleham Falls, Champagne Reef and the Botanical Gardens of Dominica. With any of this, the best can be made from every visit to Dominica. So much excitement within a short time. Soufriere and other Southwest beaches have hot springs and swimming there feels like taking a warm bath.

At all the points mentioned, services available include; liability insurance, taxis to and from the cruise ships, and certified guides. There are no minimum requirements for any site as long as you have the clean ticket.

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