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Photo by Celia Sorhaindo/ Tropical Ties Dominica

Dominica’s 4th Annual Health and Wellness Expo will be held on Sunday 6th May from 10:30am-8:00pm at the University of West Indies open campus. The event is an integral part of the Discover Dominica Tourism Awareness Month activities and showcases the abundance of natural health and wellness services and products in Dominica. Event headline sponsors are Astaphans and the Discover Dominica Authority (DDA).

The Health and Wellness Expo features:

  • A grand exhibition of locally available Health & Wellness services and products
  • A full day program of interactive classes
  • An Ital foods bar with healthy vegan meals and snacks
  • Children’s activity room – games, stories, yoga
  • Massage room for private treatments
  • Steel Pan music by Phase 5
  • Prize Giveaways including: massage, yoga classes, gym membership, lunch at Papillote Wilderness Retreat, health products and more

The Health and Wellness Expo will be opened by the Minister of Health, Hon Julius Timothy and an official from the Discover Dominica Authority. The Master of Ceremony, Hon. Priest Isaac will then coordinate the day of the following presentations:

  • 12:00 – 12:05 Opening meditation – Martha Cuffy, Nature Isle Wellness
  • 12:10 – 12:25 Purple Dragon Dojo Martial Arts Demonstration – Sensei Shannah Robin & class
  • 12:30 – 12:55 Ayurveda, an alternative approach for Chronic Illnesses – Dr. Lucia John, Maharishi Vedic Health Spa
  • 13:00 – 13:20 ‘Touch for Health’- Dr Janet Taylor, Quantum Leap
  • 13:25 – 13:50 Guest Presentation – Dr Colin Harper
  • 13:55 – 14:00 Prize Giveaways, Overview and closing of 1st session
  • 14:00 – 15:00 Break for lunch at the Ital Foods Bar, Exhibition, Steel Pan music by Phase 5
  • 15:05 – 15:25 Rootz Herbal Healing – Renauld Deschamps, Rootz Herbal Remedies
  • 15:30 – 15:50 Pain-Free Childbirth – Terri Henry, Onelove Livity
  • 15:55 – 16:25 Guest presentation – Dr Gilbertha St-Rose, Eden Herbs
  • 16:30 – 16:50 The Wellness Lifestyle – Trudy Scott-Prevost, Rainbow Health and Wellness
  • 16:50 – 17:00 Prize Giveaways. Overview and closing of 2nd session
  • 17:00 – 17:30 Break for snacks at the Ital Foods Bar, Exhibition
  • 17:35 – 17:45 Aerobic Exercise Warm-up – Alexander Laville, Fitness Plus
  • 17:50 – 18:50 Dominica’s Herbal Farmacy – Hon. Priest Kailash Leonce, The Great Physician International
  • 18:55 – 19:25 Pilates Stretch – Carla Armour, Be Pilates
  • 19:30 – 19:40 Final Meditation Martha Cuffy, Nature Isle Wellness
  • 19:45 – 19:55 Closing remarks
  • 20:00 END

The Health and Wellness Expo is an educational experience which empowers participants to take care of their health with simple preventative measures. The feature address by Hon Priest Kailash Leonce will detail the many herbs around Dominica that grow wild are thus free to acquire for healing purposes. Two guest presenters from St Lucia and Barbados will also be featured. Full day entry to the event is $20 and is a ticket to greater health, enjoyment and abundance.

Headline sponsors for the event are ‘Astaphans and the Discover Dominica Authority. Other event partners are Anchorage Hotel, Events and Things, Ardens Sound & Lights, Q95 Radio, The Great Physician International, Onelove Livity, Food of 7 Restaurant and Loubiere Spring Water.

For more details on this event please call 295 1655 or email [email protected] or visit

For an insight into last year’s event please watch the video:

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Are you fond of yoga? If you do, you are certainly aware of all the wonder-working properties of this kind of physical training. But if you are not acquainted with the wide range of the yoga benefits, then it will be very useful and interesting for you to learn them.

First of all it’s necessary to mention that yoga can help to improve your state of health, that is to widen the range of motion, to increase flexibility by means of stretching and to assist in weight loss. Hardly can you find any contra-indication against yoga exercises, as there are many different types of yoga. That’s why your age or body constitution makes no difference. So, yoga is available for nearly everyone.

The second reason for taking up yoga exercises is the fact that it improves your well-being by reducing the stress level. Our everyday life is often full of troubles and nervousness. Sometimes that even may cause depression. It has been proved that deep breathing and meditation are helpful in reduction the fatigue level. All these factors point at the fact that yoga is effective in achieving the inner harmony.

Nowadays there are a lot of yoga classes available both in cities and in smaller towns. But that can’t be compared to the conditions for yoga exercises the exotic place can offer you. Explore the opportunities for yoga classes on Dominica– a wonderful exotic island in the Caribbean. The island will strike you by its miraculous nature which is a store of many amazing activities such as hiking, sailing, diving and, of course, yoga retreat.

Photo:Yoga in Dominica

Doing yoga exercises in conditions of absolute serenity will help you to achieve and maintain the peace of mind, the strength of spirit and, as a consequence, improve total well-being for a long period in advance.

Tourists from all over the world have already appreciated the fabulous effects of yoga on Dominica at its true value!

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It’s not often that you will find me writing an article about any particular product; but I was so impressed by this product I felt that everyone should learn about it.

The product I’m referring to is Exquisite Treasures Natural Soaps. I’m really happy to have tried Exquisite Treasures Gloricida (Gliricida-Kakawate) soap after our six-month-old son developed some type of skin rash on his arms, and I can’t say enough about this soap – it really works for him.

Exquisite Treasures soaps (Gloricida or Aloe) are our favorite soaps to put in our son’s bath, and they’ve become our favorite soaps too. They contain lye, aloe vera, herbal extracts, and oils. It really does make his skin feel soft and smell so clean and fresh!

Exquisite Treasures Natural soaps

Many people don’t realize this but natural soaps doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils which means your skin is left feeling softer and smoother compared to dry and itchy when using commercial bars of soap. We also learned that using natural soaps do not contain animal fats so they cut down on the soap scum you will find in your shower and bath if you are using commercial soaps.

The pros are obvious. It is better for the environment, better for your skin, better for your clothes, and it’s made right here in Dominica; so I don’t mind paying that extra three dollars for a lifetime of benefits. What about you?

For more information about Exquisite Treasures Soaps, call 1(767) 446 4571 / 278 0868, or email [email protected]

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