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Looking for a cozy little café that features the ambiance of a Caribbean beach and fine jazz music playing softly along with delicious food prepared and served with a fine French flair imbued with a Dominican accent? And, best of all, with a pleasant hostess and at a modest tab?

Then look no further than the Romance Café, situated on Mero Beach, just off the main Roseau to Portsmouth road a half hour’s drive north of Roseau. Mero Beach is on a one-way loop road with a plainly-marked entrance sign, and the café is on the beach, at the “belly” of the loop. On your map, Mero is just north of St. Joseph and just south of Salisbury.

The bar is well-stocked. The beach chairs are complimentary. So are fresh water showers and places to change clothes, so that you can easily make a day of your visit to Mero Beach. The beach is smooth black sand. The menu includes items such as roast leg of lamb, duck with mango sauce, and lime crème and Dominican chocolate pies.

You can check out Romance Café on their Facebook page, and the phone number is 767-449-7922.

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“POZ” is the expression that Troy, the owner and Liz the restaurant manager use to mean “Positive Attitude”. And they achieve it with ever-helpful, ever jovial spirits. The restaurant is part of the Calibishie Gardens complex featuring restaurant, unique up-on-pillar lodging rooms, a good sized pool (and poolside bar seats have been added since the photo here was taken) and full-menu restaurant. And a gift shop is in the works. But this review is about the POZ restaurant.

POZ is located just off the main coastal road a short bit east of Calibishie, on Dominica’s scenic northeast coast. Heading east (toward Melville Hall Airport) it’s the about 100 yards down the second road on the left after leaving Calibishie, the road after Point Baptiste. A large bright orange sign with POZ in black letters makes the road easy to find.

Image of Calibishie Gardens in Dominica

Calibishie Gardens has a large stone wall with arched wooden doors on the left side of the access road. The restaurant is open Wednesday-Monday (closed Tuesdays), but sometimes it’s open on Tuesdays too and Troy has stated he may change opening hours, so it’s a good idea to call ahead. The Dominica land-line phone number is 767-445-8327. And you can reach Liz on her mobile phone at 767-612-5176. The business web site is at this writing under construction, but you can also check “Calibishie Gardens” on Facebook.

Image of POZ Restaurant in Calibishie, Dominica

POZ is a full-service, full-menu restaurant offering a range of drink, appetizer, dinner entree and dessert choices daily. The meals are served in a pleasant atmosphere with background music. Everything on the menu is very tasty, and the prices are quite moderate, making POZ overall a great bargain and a respite from both high “tourist” prices and snackette fare.

Image of POZ Restaurant on the island of Dominica

I must make a disclaimer: We live not far from POZ and it has become a favorite of ours. In fact my wife Ruth and I were recently treated to a birthday dinner (my 72nd) there by a friend, and we have also arranged to have our 40th wedding anniversary dinner at POZ with invited friends. However, this is an unbiased review, written without consideration.

POZ is the kind of restaurant where you’ll enjoy yourself and want to return to. Trust me on that!

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Calibishie’s EatWell Restaurant is located on the main road, Calibishie Bay. My wife and I and friends of ours enjoy eating there.

I took the photos here on a morning that children from the Destiny Pre-School were at the EatWell to learn about delicious healthy eating.

“Eat healthy and be well” is the EatWell’s motto. The great thing about it is that one makes no taste or cost sacrifices at all to eat well at EatWell. All the food used there is clean and local. Nothing served is deep-fried; everything cooked is baked, broiled, broiled, or grilled.

And the menu is extensive. There are eight breakfasts from EC$10 to EC$16. Also eight lunches from EC$14 to EC$25 plus desserts from EC$4 up. And dinners with dessert and coffee to tea run from EC$25 up. Drinks, including local juices (happily, not over-sugared) and local wines are available from EC$3 up. Plus EatWell serves a la carte specials, many desserts, and vegetarian dishes.

And bring your appetite. Portions are generous. Dine either in the spotless interior or al fresco on the bay-view veranda. You will be pleased.

You can reserve a meal by calling Rena, EatWell’s proprietor at (767) 445-8323 or (767) 295-1481 . She’s a lovely person and gracious host, as well as one of the cooks. Plus, there’s a convenient office of Business Links, also owned and operated by Rena, attached to the restaurant, where you can pay most bills send or receive cash, and even send or receive FedEx packages. The same phone number also serves Business Links.

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