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Over the past few weeks, there have been lots discussions about the propose Oil Refinery Plant. Dominicans everywhere have own their opinion on the topic. Especially that of the WEF – Waitikubuli Ecological Foundation President Bernard Wiltshire:

“There are many individuals and groups in the country that want to retain Dominica as the nature island.�? At the meeting, WEF will set up a coalition of different groups for “a clean, green and a prosperous Dominica.�? The WEF President says an oil refinery will not create sustainable development for our country. He describes the oil refinery as a poisoned gift that will harm and not help citizens. He adds that though it may bring revenue to the country, it will prevent much more development”.

Dominica weekly dot com doesn’t partake in any Political issues. The sole reason of this post is to allow Dominicans all over a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. So are you for or against an oil refinery plant in Dominica ❓

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Comment by Dan
2007-03-10 10:56:41

I believe that, as with many things in life, the answer requires perspective and balance. Dominica, the Nature Island, is poor, and therefore unable often to acquire the resources necessary even to preserve its beauty. For example, lacking the economic clout to require that imported goods have biodegradable packaging, or the economic resources to properly process wastewater or cart away and process solid waste, Dominica is suffering degradation even without industrial development. Therefore, I believe, Dominica should allow, but carefully control and limit, such development. On the whole, I think that the proposed oil refinery could be a benefit to Dominica, if handled properly. It could bring in much needed revenue and create jobs — importantly, jobs that by their nature, require advanced skills that the workers could also use to earn income abroad.

Comment by Madhava
2008-02-04 04:25:50

I am skeptical but ALMOST trust a corporation in north america who wants to carefully build an oil refinery out in the deseart somewhere in a contry with developed processes for dealing with the risks accociated. I have no trust whatsoever for a corporation who wants to put up a politically motivated oil refinery on the windward coast of a rugged rainforest coverd tropical island with no processes in place to deal with the risks.

I have no problem with a little bit of industry in dominica but an oil refinery? how does that even begin to make sense?

remember folks this isnt texas, alberta or saudi arabia , this is a little green gem.

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2008-12-01 20:44:10

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