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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Defy the Everyday“, and defy the popular notion of a Caribbean holiday. Dominica is all about adventure. The tag of being the Nature Island of the Caribbean was passive and provide very little linkage for tourism in Dominica. Examine the reality, Dominica is definitely green, but is it really clean. Is there a clear environmental policy that ties into the actual essence of what it means to be Dominican?

The marketing of Dominica as a Nature Isle states the obvious, and we grained little from the experience. Dominica has been marketed as the Nature Isle from time, the only fundamental different is the level of media representation and PR relationship, combined with greater exposure of migrant Dominicans.

Re-Energizing The Dominican Brand
Below are some inserts and research data taken from the Re-Energizing the Dominican Brand” powerpoint presentation created by the Discover Dominica Green team, who heads-up the daily operations of Dominica’s new marketing tagline.


Developed for Dominica by Green Team

“People who have achieved an advanced level of self awareness and are in touch with their personal needs. They understand that in order to maintain physical, mental and spiritual wellness, they must be in contact with nature. They know that nature brings balance to their lives, and are willing to pro-actively pursue it. They are participants, not spectators. They seek out authentic experiences, personal challenges and the possibility of the unknown. They use travel to fulfill their needs. They travel to gain new experiences, see new places and meet new people. They travel to recharge their batteries, and return feeling fresh and rejuvenated, with a strong sense of accomplishment.”

Green Team – Campaign Strategy

  • Define and gain a deep understanding of our target audience
  • Shift the mindset to think of Dominica as a Nature destination that happens to be in the Caribbean
  • Position Dominica as a destination of lush, unspoiled natural beauty and unique cultural assets
  • Create a fully integrated communications campaign
  • Turn visitors into Ambassadors via database

Green Team – Creative Strategy

The Three Pillars of Dominica

  • Physical – Activities involving nature–hiking, scuba, etc.
  • Mental – Natural beauty of mountains, waterfalls, etc., coupled with interaction with warm, welcoming people.
  • Spiritual -A sense of connectivity, balance and rejuvenation



Creative Umbrella Message

Dominica is a unique, natural destination in the Caribbean. Here, amidst an abundance of lush, natural beauty, you can regain balance, and enjoy an overall sense of wellness by interacting with nature, and kind welcoming people.

Come Discover Dominica island. Adventure Awaits!

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2007-09-17 20:37:11

:mrgreen: Dominica is clean but then again the P.M. doesn’t think that an oil tank farm can produce pollution. Guess again, Mr. P.M.

Comment by Edmund Robinson
2007-10-09 04:42:34

Personally, i think our main problem with Dominica is we don’t stand out enough, we don’t offer anything the other islands don’t posses in larger numbers. The high volume market will continue to evade us until we improve internally before worrying about marketing the product. Even green teams attempt at the first ad is rather weak.

I’ve been to other countries and have always ended up turning around and wondering, is Dominica really the greenest? We have been pushing that tagline for way too long and it hasn’t exactly been working out for the best as the awareness of Dominica as this.

Ps did you write that Tip article? because it has the same introduction and points, without the extra information.

Here are some examples
The wind down
There are more images in their campaigns

2007-10-10 02:59:09

Rebranding Dominica HMMM lets start with the attitudes of Dominicians. NO matter how much you sell the nature island of the carribbean if someone does not start by fixing the attitudes of the Dominicans. The island i once called home will Not be rebranded!

After a trip back this summer and the attitudes i encounter at the airport, i doubt this wonderful nature of the caribbean will ever be rebranded. Folks remember first impressions are lasting impressions. Lazy and rude attitudes are not going to make anyone come back to Domininca.

What else does Dominica offer besides the nature island . The roads in the city are horrible. I do not think anyone has done anything to those roads for the last 30+ years.

Try finding a souvenir in Roseau, Yet, you want tourist to come and you do not have a decent Souvenir shop. Wake up Dominicans and smell the coffee.

Comment by Mrs Messam
2007-10-12 21:12:59

I totally agree with this person’c comments. Dominica is a beautiful place and if customer service and marketing the country right then I think we are on our way. Please sort out Roseau – decent shops for the tourists and the people who live there. Resume the airport work also Dominica needs decent hotels and good eating places.

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