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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

I was reluctant to write this post about the present filming of CBS Survivor here in Dominica. For weeks I made several attempts to speak with someone from PR (Public Relations), but everytime I was told that they were not allow to give-out information about the show. But it seems a company name Red Sky Production is producing the reality show on the island.


Today while browsing through the internet came across this blog named Island Med Student dot com. It’s run by Kendra, a medical student at Ross University school of Medicine in Dominica. Recently, Kendra literately “RAN” into the Survivor Contestants Crew members. She writes:

As I came into Portsmouth, I saw a bunch of Dominican men in army fatigues, who I guess were from the military. They quickly put up their hands and told me to stop running. I did, but had to get the three dogs with me to agree to stop as well. Then, two helicopters suddenly appeared and landed just a few yards away.

A few minutes later, a bunch of young men and women dressed in bikinis and beach clothes got out of the helicopters, along with some crew members with video cameras. All the crew people were wearing “Survivor Dominica�? t-shirts. I quickly realized what was going on. Apparently, they are filming the next season of Survivor here in Dominica. I find this pretty entertaining, actually.

I’m not a fan of the show, infact I don’t believe I have ever watched an episode. The only thing I have gathered about the show is that “Sixteen average Americans are abandoned on some un-forsaking place on earth�? they compete to win different tasks in other to survivor and remain on the island. But I’m curious to see how the producers make Dominica appear to be a scary place to survive. 🙂

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Comment by Dan
2007-03-23 18:00:27

They’ve had episodes set in Tahiti, too, so don’t fret about them positioning Dominica as scary. In the end it may well boost tourism. We live in the US and have never bothered to tune the show in. It is for couch-potato dimwits.

Comment by tifannie
2007-03-24 22:23:20

well, i have watched episodes of teh sow and it is pretty interesting. It not about making Dominica look scary its just about putting ppl out of their element (meaning out of there ordinary) and seeing how they adapt to it. The amazon is’nt a scary place, neither is tahiti,but tell me how many Americans know how to boil banana and eat tania? exactly my point now. that makes it entresting to watch. Ps. living in Dca is not easy when you grew up in the 100 mil population of the bustling cities of the US to try to survive in the rain forest surrounded by crevises and presipists in a small, BEAUTIFUL, but underdeveloped country like DCA . Trust me it makes an intresting show. I will eb happy to see Dac get on the map!! (one thing i muss tell a man, I love Waitikubuli, so wave 4 D.A!)

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