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When you are getting ready to pack to move to Dominica, there are 2 ways to go about it. It really depends on if you are a student staying here for a couple of years, if you are moving here permanently, or retiring here. In general, bring as much as you can as there it not much available in Dominica.


I would suggest you pack a laptop, unlocked cell phone, double up on your toiletries, and your clothes. A smart thing to do it to send a barrel filled with Costco shopping of all the snacks and drinks that you want. Trail mix is always good for studying and pretty expensive in the grocery stores.

Food: Pack juices and other drinks. The price of juice and rum are the same price here. An Oceanspray jug of juice (I’m not talking Costco-style jug, the basic jug you get in the grocery stores in the USA) is EC$22 which converts to about US$8. That jug of juice would normally cost you $4-5 in the USA.

What to Pack to Move to Dominica

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