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Certain vulnerable people can have potentially deadly heart rhythms triggered by anger or other powerful emotions, U.S. researchers have found.

Previous studies have shown stressors such as war or World Cup losses can cause cardiac arrest.

Dr. Rachel Lampert of Yale studied 62 people being treated for arrhythmia and found that when they recounted episodes from their lives that angered them, electrical instability in the heart increased.

Lampert said her study shows that “yes, anger really does impact the heart’s electrical system in very specific ways that can lead to sudden death.” She said people with healthy hearts are “likely very different.”

============My Personal Opinion============

This is just another useless study. Can we please just say that stress can cause heart problems? Most of us can comprehend that strong emotions will cause stress and do not need multiple studies on the same thing disguised as viable research. Stop dumping down science and spending our money!

Have your say: – Do you think getting angry can kill you? I’m curious to hear the different opinions in the comments below.

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Nearly everyone of us knows someone who always seems to be Angry at everything (the world)? You might just know someone but just never really took time out to observe this persons behavioral pattern. While growing up as a young boy, I realized that my mom – a single parent at the time, would get angry every time she would come back from work. She would begin to go on-and-on, complain about every single thing, and eventually became apart of her life. It became to the point that if she wasn’t angry at someone or something she wouldn’t feel right about herself.

Sometimes when we feel anger, it is coming from a deep place that demands response and expression. However, anger can also become a habit, our go-to emotion whenever things go wrong. If you look at today’s society, more and more we are seeing habitual anger manifesting itself in people’s emotions. Often this is because, for whatever reason, we feel more comfortable expressing anger than we do other emotions, like sadness. It can also be that getting angry gives us the impression that we’ve done something about our problem. In these cases, our habitual anger is holding back both our ability to express our other emotions and to take action in our lives.

If it’s true that anger is functioning this way in your life, the first thing you might want to try is to notice when you get angry. For example, you could notice that it is always your first response or that it comes up a lot in one particular situation. If the pattern doesn’t become clear right away, you could try keeping a journal about when you get angry and see if you can find any underlying meaning.

One of good things about keeping a journal is that you can explore your anger more deeply in it—from examining who in your family of origin expressed a lot of anger to how you feel when you encounter anger in others. This kind of awareness can very well be the medium to your transformation.

Anger can be a powerful partner, since it is filled with energy that we can control and use to create change in the world. Anger is one of the most energizing emotions, and it can also be a very effective cleanser of the emotional system. However, when it becomes a habit, it actually loses its power to transform and becomes an obstacle to growth. Identifying the role anger plays in your life and restoring it to its proper function can bring new energy to your emotional life.

What role is anger playing in your life?

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For the last two months I’ve taken a strong interest in the US Presidential Election, and I’ve been hearing both Presidential nominees talking about changing the “psychology” of the voter. In Dominica politics is no different; Politicians continuously play this “psychology game” – making us feel better by manipulating the price of gas or reducing taxes or some other strategically hot issue.

It is not news that marketing/advertising firms and politicians use knowledge of psychology to further their ends and manipulate consumers and voters. However, I can’t help but feel offended by the fact that so many of our politicians are corrupt – when they should be the people who are supposed to be doing something to eradicate corruption.

If we all just think more positively towards our elected leaders, things will get better! What bull-sh*t! This just lets them off the hook, and hooks us and makes us responsible for the mismanagement of our hard earned tax dollars that they have so gratuitously spent towards their own personal agenda. While I do believe our attitude shapes our lives, and that we are empowered to act and change our world, I don’t want to hear about this from politicians who have pretty much robbed decent, hard-working people and ensured that they themselves have more…and who have unceremoniously destroyed lives and livelihoods to do so.

I would suggest, rather than acting our despair out on strangers and on one another that we give ourselves permission to be as angry as we are about the way our country is going. And let’s also look at what the real problems are, and stop blaming our neighbor, or the driver who happens to be in-front-of us, or our children…Perhaps the most effective thing we can do is speak our truth to power, speak up for what we need, and demand certain rights, such as equal health care, enough to eat, and housing for everyone. Excuse me for my bluntness, but I’ve grown tired of these corrupted politicians pissing down on us from above–I’m angry, and while I take responsibility for this anger, I want them to know about it. We need one another, and we need to talk about what is happening to us, and how politics are affecting our island.

If we continue to isolate ourselves in our individual despair, things are not going to get any better. This is the way we take responsibility–by feeling what we feel, and by opening up some real, heart-felt communication about what is happening to us, to our world, and to those around us.

Lastly: Wouldn’t this be nice if the government was really in our service? If they were there to make sure everyone had enough–that everyone was looked after and taken care of? :mrgreen:

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