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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Recently I signed-up for online Banking, I watch my transaction carefully and I’m confident that if my account is compromised, I will know soon enough to stop any damage, maybe this is false pretense on my part.

Some of the Banks in the Caribbean like ( and ) are now providing online banking to their customers, we put a great deal of trust into these sites, giving them a lot of person information.

All too often, these websites ask for a lot of trust from visitors but don’t give it in return. Recently I visited a new site that promised to “budget, plan, forecast, organize and analyze your personal finances to achieve your goals”. It sounded like the perfect site to profile for a post here at DW. After sign up, when you’re expected to enter all your personal financial information (account numbers or pins). The site had no ‘About Us’? or ‘FAQ’ page. The payment for the ‘enhanced’ service was handled through a third Party (PayPal) and even the domain was registered through Domains by Proxy (which hides the owner contact information)…I don’t think so.

Many sites use the ‘About’ or ‘FAQ’ page to talk about their hopes and dreams. That’s nice. But now tell us why we should trust you. I have done some research on Google and Yahoo, the people behind internet technology …found some ways we can safeguard our personal data. Nowadays, a https:// link isn’t enough to put anyone’s mind at ease. Going on instinct, I look for things like Truste or BBBOnline verification on the sites. Search for independent information about the company or site. Nothing is 100%, of course. But I believe that the more a site asks from me, the more steps I expect the site to take to not only protect my data, but to be transparent about the methods they are using to do so.

Before you hit that Sign Up button… the site security policy.

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