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Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s a good chance you’ll need some way to get around while you are away.  Some people have friends or relatives that make it happen, some take their own car and some are content with public transportation, but if you really want freedom renting a car is the way to go.  Here are some benefits to renting a car while you’re away:


There’s no denying you’ll have a lot more freedom if you rent a car while you’re away.  Renting a car is just like having your own car, which means you can get to those places you might not have been able to see otherwise.  Even on a business trip, there are probably places in the city that you want to visit and can get to easier with a rental. 

Saves Your Car

If it’s a matter of renting over taking your own car, you’ll save a whole lot of wear and tear by renting.  This is especially true if you were planning to do a lot of driving over the course of the trip.  You might also be able to rent a more fuel-efficient car than your own, which will save you money on gas. 

Peace of Mind

The fact that the car doesn’t belong to you and is covered if it breaks down is a great comfort to many travelers.  Whether you’re on business or you’re supposed to be having fun, you can focus on what you are there for and forget about the car.  Peace of mind is a wonderful thing to have, especially when you’re away from home. 

Unlimited Mileage

One perk that many car rental places offer is unlimited mileage.  It will be built into the price of the rental, but if you’re driving a long distance you will still save over the course of the trip.  Make sure you shop a round a little and ask about the prospect of unlimited mileage for your rental car.  

Great Test Drive

One benefit of renting a car that not many people consider is that it can be a great opportunity to test a car if you were planning to buy.  If you’re in the market for a new car and you’re going to be traveling anyway, why not arrange to rent the make and model you’ve been considering?  By driving it over the course of a couple days or a week, you’ll know for sure if this vehicle is the right one for you or not.

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With mounting pressure coming from all around, many of the Caribbean islands have again turned to the safer tourism industry, trying to see how much they might be able to squeeze out this way.

Recently, even tourism has come under fire and in this particular instance it is England that has chosen to start applying what has been described as ridiculously high tax payments in regards to Air Passenger Duty (APD) in flights out of the United Kingdom (UK).

If this Air Passenger Duty is instituted it would cause countless hardships on many Caribbean countries that know the European market is the most profitable as far as tourism is concerned. It is likely that several small island tourism industries will take an incredible hit from this move by the UK. Also the region’s tourism sector will be at a competitive disadvantage to other destinations which were further away but in a band that charged less duty.

In addition, the Band C tax, the area in which the Caribbean falls, is to increase by 50 per cent next year, whereas Band B would increase by 33 per cent.

The fact of the matter is that with the Caribbean having so many financial rugs being pulled from under their feet it can least afford to not take a firm stand against what the United Kingdom has proposed.

It often said that tourism is everybody’s business and at no time does that ring more true that the present. The Caribbean simply cannot afford to have this happen.

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Smoke-free sign

Editor’s note:I’m not a complainer. Really, I’m not. But having lived my first 68 years in the USA, I find that things being different take me some getting used to. Understand, please, I’m not asserting that “different” is wrong. It’s probably right for here; only I’m unused to it.

So, I’m sucking it up and learning to accept those different things. Still, I think it may amuse Dominicans reading this and help inform and prepare Americans, and Europeans and other “1st-worlders” wishing to settle here as well.

I’ll write about those differences – big and small – from time to time, and will preface it with this paragraph so that you know I’m not complaining.

The Dominican Difference #9: Signs

There’s a sign in Calibishie on a building that used to house Domcan’s. The place of business closed and moved to Castle Bruce about a decade ago, but the sign still proclaims the place is open for business. There’s a doctor whose new office is across form the Police Station on the Bay Street in Portsmouth, but a sign on a pharmacy on the next street still proclaims that the doctor’s office is there, and gives an old and wrong phone number.

I suppose that in Dominica everyone knows who’s who and where things are anyhow, because it’s all a rather small, tight-knot community. And that’s good – as far as it goes. But it sure can mislead and confuse us newcomers!

All I ask is that old and misleading signs either be torn down or painted over. Is that too much to ask?

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