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If education is the key to development in any knowledge-based economy, then why is Dominica losing so much of its human capital? Maybe the choices are so few.

Dominicans are becoming aware of the large flow of our brains down the drain especially during the annual graduation season of students from Dominica’s Secondary schools and the Dominica State College.

Every year during graduation students are given well-meaning advice on the value of an education and the need to build on whatever they have learnt as they continue the journey of life.

But few of these so-called advisers address the fact that only a small percentage of the graduating students every year will enter the job market; a large number will join the unemployed on the street corner and dozen more will go overseas in search of so-called greener pastures.

Statistics shows that the out-ward flow of the country’s best brains has been so steady over the years that it appears that Dominica’s education system has been commissioned to train persons for the job market of the United States, Canada, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St Martin, Tortola, and other countries in the region. The problem is that these emigrants have been educated to secondary and tertiary level in Dominica and are Dominica’s most productive and enterprising workers particularly at their age.

When are we going to realize that knowledge is a wealth-creating asset to our country’s development? I’m literally pleading with government leaders, to please come up with some incentives that will encourage more of educated brains to stay and help develop our small island economy. Not someone else economy.

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Below is a recent article published in the Jamaica Star on the controversial Jamaican dance hall artiste Mavado and how he was banned from preforming in certain Caribbean territories.

In the midst of reports in the media that dancehall artiste Mavado has been banned from performing in some Caribbean territories, Mavado’s management team as issued a release stating that the artiste is still at large in the Caribbean.

Stunning performance

The release said, “Mavado devastated the Eastern Caribbean recently with a stunning performance in front of a crowd of around 5,000 in Dominica. During his performance, Mavado took time out to thank the Government of Dominica, who have been singled out as bucking the trend, taking a positive stance and not banning Mavado.”

Dominica’s Tourism Minister Ian Douglas Friday said a ban on Mavado would not be in keeping with the spirit of CARICOM, adding that he is a CARICOM national and has not yet committed any offence in Dominica.


The show was allowed to be held under immense pressure, with promoter Val Cuffy of Triple Kay Promotions standing tall when faced with many obstacles.

“I was in meetings with police and government up until midnight” Cuffy said after the show. “But Mavado proved all the doubters wrong by delivering a very mature, professional and appropriate performance. He had the crowd singing every word and there was not a single incident at the show which is exactly what we hoped for.”

The promoter went on to add that “hopefully St Vincent, Grenada, Guyana, Trinidad and all the other CARICOM countries will let sense and fairness prevail and allow Mavado to perform in those islands where he has thousands of fans.”

After a similar outing in Tortola last week, Mavado is set to continue to blaze a trail through the Caribbean over the coming weeks.

Source: Jamaica Star

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My good friend Garth will soon be walking down the aisle, and over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to observe all his preparations – trips to the tailor, talking with different caterers, etc. What I’ve also observed the amount to spending he has done already – and the wedding is still over a month away. He says nothing, but I believe he never anticipated that a wedding could cost so much money and it’s beginning to stress him out.

Soon Liuda and I will be going down the marriage road, but unlike my friend Garth – we’re aware that happiness and hopefulness of any wedding can also be stricken with the jitterness from bridal budget. Too many times I’ve seen here in Dominica, brides and grooms create elaborate plans that don’t truly reflect the real cost of wedding and that the end causes stress.

Here are five tips I believe anyone who is getting married on a limited budget to avoid getting bridal budget jitters – whether the wedding in two day, two weeks or two months away.

Balance your bridal budget. If you already have a budget in place, go back and start cutting out expenses to give yourself a 25 percent cushion for unexpected costs. This will eliminate the stress that comes with aiming too high with your budget. You will also erase future stress in you knowing that you have planned for unexpected costs. Also you can get friend or family members whose great at finance (and married) to help.

Let Others Help With wedding Expenses. If you don’t have the money you thought you would have for your wedding, delegate one of those items on your budget to a friend or family member. Brides are always being asked, “What do you want for a wedding gift?” But remember: Don’t assign an item on your budget list (flowers, cake, etc.) unless you are asked first. Please don’t ask your friends to help with finances for you wedding – thats just not good manners – wait to be asked.

What are your real budget goals? Is your budget designed to impress friends, family members and co-workers? This is your wedding, and an over-stressed bride can ruin a happy occasion – erase those peer pressure expenses and focus on being relaxed to look your best, without the worry lines and sleep deprivation that comes with bridal budget jitters.

Simplify. Having too much on your planning plate can increase the stress levels of any bride and groom. Reception buffets are less expensive and stressful than formal sit-down luncheons or dinners. Just keep it simple, and watch those bridal jitters disappear.

Finally, stay on track. Now that you’re in smart budget mode for your wedding, every time you revisit your bridal budget is a new opportunity to find a fast way to eliminate an unnecessary financial expense. If you can manage to do this, you won’t start this new chapter in your life suffering from bridal budget stress. Relax. Enjoy your marry life. 🙂 Celebrate.

Photo – A Maui Wedding Hawaiian Style.

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