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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

scenes from Dominica hike fest 2010

Hike Fest in May, a series of events for hikers and outdoors fanatics from around the world can come discover why Dominica is referred to as the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean

Hikefest is also part of Dominica’s Tourism Awareness Month, organized by Discover Dominica Authority, Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association and the Ministry of Tourism.

This year’s festival highlights the upcoming Waitukubuli National Trail, which upon completion will be the first walking trail to traverse the entire Caribbean island.

What a better way to start Hikefest 2010 than with a moderate hike through the Carib Territory – Salybia to Pagua Bay. A distance of 15km.

This gentle hike offers an opportunity to gain a greater appreciation of Carib culture and history by taking ancient trail. Some of the attractions along the way include, Carib Territory, Kalinago Barana Aute (Carib Model Village) and Horseback Ridge.

photo of Carib house in Dominica

There are also numerous breathtaking views, and intriguing Kalinago Myths throughout this varied terrain. Our Kalinago guide Prosper Paris was very knowledgeable, which added a bit of authenticity and humor.

collage with images of Dominica east coast

The hike lasted about four hours, afterwards we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Royal Hatton in the elegant and historic Silks Luxury Hotel, where they served up delicious lunches and cold Kubuli beers. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Beautiful hike, wonderful people, nice sunny (a bit humid at times) day. Just couldn’t be better.


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barana-aute hut in Dominica

Editor’s note:Article by contributor Ibrahim Abdullah.

OK, so the family had a visit to the Carib Model Village. Trust me that place really takes your breath away. You really get a sense of rich heritage of our indigenous Fore-Fathers, the original inheritors of this bold yet so sublime gift from the creator.

In Just 20 minutes you can really picture and fantasize if you wish how our brothers lived, arguably it may not be a realistic interpretation when we time travel to 2 centuries back to their time, but Carib Model village and the resources at their disposal did a fantastic job.

I wanted to focus on the lack of appreciation of the gifts all around us. Dominica was carved, sculpted and fashioned in a way no mortal architect could have conceptualized. The perfect insertion of that cliff with its Atlantic Ocean wind beaten trees, and the seamless imperfection of the shore line, allows a thankful & ever mindful heart to be fascinated with the wonders of Dominica. You know, i must have taken about twenty something photographs of that cliff, just being overwhelmed and amazed at how so very fortunate I am still to be living in tiny Dominica, with no malls, no cinemas, no International Airport, no Name Brand shopping, very bad roads, expired products sold on food shelves, a political jumbo circus, one telecoms provider, one utilities provider….. OK you get it, the list can go on forever.

BUT guess what? Those so called lapses in country development amenities have traded in my very humble opinion for the Best Quality of Life. A life that offers so much envy (the good type) from visitors fortunate enough to visit and hopefuls who are desirous of trading places with us.

Take an afternoon and sit at the botanical Gardens, don’t plan it please, just be spontaneous about it… And experience the tranquility, watch as the young ones run about and frolic on the grass, take your shoes off, and if and when an ant bites your feet, don’t be in such a hurry to kill it, breath that air, i mean really breath it in. But sit and listen, listen to what? Listen to everything.

I remember all to vividly my mother making an afternoon at the Botanical Escape a treat, ritual and responsibility for us. Gardens offered so much for the unspoiled imagination of twenty something years ago. Boy.. I had so much fun in Gardens. Mother Thank You!!!

My point is we don’t appreciate what we have enough… When you start thanking the Lord for being in a place like Dominica, then you have really moved leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of us. May Dominica remain this unspoilt for generations to follow.

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