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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Are you searching for your next vacation spot? According to MSN, Dominica is ranked No. 2 among the “5 Best Caribbean Islands for Your Next Vacation“.

The island offers a combination of luxury and nature, with excellent eco-resorts and unforgettable activities such as hiking and whale-watching tours.

It’s a genuine tropical paradise known as “The Nature Island“.

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Think of a luxury holiday destination and the Caribbean probably springs to mind.  White beaches, tropical blue waters, beautiful resorts and fabulous weather all combine to create a dream holiday, but although the Caribbean is certainly a dream holiday for many people, at certain times of the year the weather can turn a little bit nasty.  When the wind blows and the sea churns like a fiery cauldron you can be sure that hurricane season has arrived!

When is it Hurricane Season in the Caribbean?

Sadly hurricanes have a mind of their own and they don’t always show up on time, so hurricane season is not set in stone.  However, the local weather is at its most unpredictable between June and November and if a hurricane weather system is going to develop, it will most likely happen around this time of the year.

How Dangerous is Hurricane Season in the Caribbean?

There is very little doubt that hurricanes are highly dangerous beasts and depending on the severity of the weather system, they can cause devastation on a massive scale (as evidenced by Hurricane Sandy).  But as nasty as a hurricane can be, they tend to affect certain parts of the Caribbean more than others, so you should not be put off booking a holiday to the Caribbean during the peak hurricane season—some islands are rarely affected and even when they are, the storms cause very little damage.  And besides, holidays during hurricane season are often cheaper!

Which Caribbean Islands are Least Likely to be Hit By a Hurricane?

The islands in the far south of the Caribbean are least likely to be struck by a Hurricane (most hurricanes travel along the Gulf Coast, which makes the islands to the north, including Bermuda and the Bahamas, a far riskier proposition).  So if you are a betting person, you will be thrilled to learn that the Caribbean island with the best odds of staying out of the path of a hurricane or tropical storm is Curacao.  Curacao and some of the other relatively safe islands are described below:


Curacao is a beautiful island just north of Venezuela.  One of three islands in the Dutch Antilles (also known as the ABC islands), Curacao is a favourite stopping point for Caribbean cruise ships.  The main port of Willemstad boasts some fine (and very colourful!) colonial Dutch architecture and when it is cruise ship day, you can’t move for tourists flocking around the harbour.  There are some great opportunities for scuba diving just off the island and when the sun sets on the horizon, be sure to sample some of the island’s famous liqueur: blue Curacao.  Trust me—it’s lovely!


Curacao’s close neighbour, Aruba, is another top choice for a hurricane free holiday.  The island enjoys glorious sunshine for most of the year and although Aruba isn’t as green and lush as some of the other Caribbean islands, it has its own unique flavour and attractions.  These include an interesting desert landscape, underground caves, fabulous white beaches and the sunken wreck of a German freighter, which has been transformed into a popular dive site.


Bonaire is the third island in the Dutch Antilles.  Like Curacao and Aruba, Bonaire is rarely affected by hurricanes, although major tropical storms do sometimes pass over the southern half of the Caribbean.  Unlike Curacao and Aruba, Bonaire is very unspoiled and luxury resort hotels are nowhere to be found.  Eco-tourism is much more the name of the game and the Washington-Slagbaai National Park covers a large percentage of the island.  Bonaire is very popular with scuba divers and snorkeling enthusiasts and the entire coastline has been designated as a protected marine sanctuary.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are two other islands in the Caribbean where the odds of enjoying a hurricane free holiday are excellent, which makes them a great destination for a trouble free break.  Both Trinidad and Tobago have a rich cultural heritage with Asian, African and English influences combining to produce a fascinating melting pot of vibrant nightlife and eclectic local cuisine.


Grenada, also known as the ‘spice island’, is another popular choice if you prefer not to have your holiday of a lifetime ruined by a pesky hurricane.  Famous for its secluded beaches and excellent diving opportunities, Grenada is the place to come when you want to forget about the outside world and totally relax for a week or two.

If you are looking to book all inclusive holidays Caribbean islands can be dangerous areas to visit due to hurricanes. However, with the information here you can book your holiday with the knowledge of which islands are safe during the hurricane season; allowing you to take advantage of the cheaper prices at these times of the year.

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