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The Movie

It isn’t just the oldest dream of mankind. It is the first and sole dream of a boy whose family, one of the last remaining native Caribbean’s, lives in poverty and social isolation. And it is the last dream of an adventurer and pioneer of the airways who used to fly kings over the savannahs of Africa and the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.

Two people, as different from each other as two can be, build their own airplane in the jungles of a Caribbean island: 78-year-old Swede Daniel Rundstroem and Rainstar, a 16-year-old Indian boy. They pursue their dream for over 3½ years, a dream for which they have sacrificed everything: they are planning to take part in one of the greatest flight shows of the world at the “Sun and Fun Festival” in Lakeland, Florida, competing against the best airplane designers.

For Daniel it is supposed to be the completion of an exciting life dedicated to flying. Rainstar, on the other hand, is at the brink of fulfilling all his dreams. The grandson of an Indian chief was born in a reservation on the island and was actually supposed to become a fisherman. Rainstar has to make as many sacrifices for his wish to become a pilot as Daniel in his time. The desire to fly and the willingness to give up everything else for it forms a rare bond between the two. In Rainstar, Daniel sees the reflection of his own life. He shares his entire wisdom about flying with him.

This is his legacy. And Rainstar is not only ready to accept this, but more than that. Without his assistance, Daniel would not have succeeded with his airplane construction in the small period of time. Rainstar has helped him over the worst periods of self-doubt and fear. They have mastered all crises over the course of four years: starting from delivery problems and the worldwide hunt for spare parts to discovering faults in the design and nagging doubts concerning the suitability of the material.

But for Daniel, it is more important that his wisdom and experience will be living on in Rainstar. That way he can compensate what he has missed with Niels-Holger, his own son. For the first time in his life, he faces the responsibility of a father. Rainstar has opened up Daniel’s eyes.The 78-year-old contacts his son in Berlin for the first time after more than ten years.

For almost four years, the documentary crew followed Daniel and Rainstar around on Dominica, the last island paradise of the Caribbean. Their big moment has finally arrived in Lakeland, Florida: Are the construction plans for their airplane correct? Did Daniel calculate everything perfectly? Will the material hold?

The documentary also follows Daniel to Berlin where he reunites with his only son after more than ten years. In Rainstar Daniel has found a companion who – for the first time in the life – understands his desires; will this experience also help him to get closer to his own son?In combination with film and photographic material from the exciting life of Daniel Rundstroem not yet shown in public, a transfixing documentary film has been produced which will not only mesmerize flight enthusiasts: a fascinating story of the passion, the dreams, and the adventures of two people and the process of self-discovery at the end of a life cycle.

Click here, If you would like to see the trailer of Celebration of Flight: The Movie.

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