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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

People all around Dominica have been suffering from an outbreak of gastroenteritis, a truly horrible illness, especially dangerous to the very young or elderly, characterized by simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea.

Dominica has been further victimized by accusers saying that the cause is something in our water, or that our kitchen sanitation and personal hygiene are to blame

But if it’s something in the water, why doesn’t everyone drinking water from the same source become ill at around the same time?

And why, then do people who drink water from separate, quite different, sources (such as from Roseau and Portsmouth pipes, and rain collection) become ill? And certainly even if one kitchen here were unclean, how do people from nowhere near become ill? The answer is that the culprit is the norovirus, and it is brought here on filthy cruise ship galleys.

A good article on this can be found at:Caribbean Cruise Ship Turns Into Diarrhea Nightmare Vessel

It’s time to make the cruise ships clean up their acts, and also apologize to Dominica. Dominica’s water is clean, and people shouldn’t be advised not to drink it. Our kitchens are clean and produce delicious food that is good for you too, not the fat-laden, heart artery clogging stuff that the cruise ship galleys put out.

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