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Dominica Carnival Queen Contestant Valdie Dejean

Twenty-year-old Valdie Dejean comes from the Roseau Valley, an area which boasts some of the finest natural attractions on the island, and in Morne Prosper where she lives, arguably produces the best vegetables in the country.

A cursory glance at the resume of this fine young lady reveals she possesses some of the qualities and attributes that are essential for success. Behind her sultry good looks, enchanting smile, exquisite charm and outgoing personality is a determined, focused and self-motivated young lady.

After her graduation from one of Dominica’s oldest academic institutions, the Dominica Grammar School, Valdie pursued an Associate’s Degree in French and Accounting at the Dominica State College. Her ultimate career goal is to pursue graduate studies in Cosmetology and Accounting.

Since leaving college, Valdie has performed a variety of roles at institutions locally. Currently, she is employed as a receptionist in the Ministry of Trade.

Valdie is a well rounded individual as exemplified by her diverse interests. She is a member of the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company, an active member of her village youth group and is one of an elite group of just eight young ladies nationally representing Lime Dominica. Her hobbies include dancing, reading and socializing. She also has a natural flair for beauty, hair and fashion.

Valdie’s decision to participate in the Miss Dominica 2010 pageant is her small contribution towards enhancing Dominica’s unique cultural product, of which carnival is an essential component.

She will use the opportunity to impress on all Dominicans, that the future success of the Nature Isle lies in replicating nationally what the Roseau Valley has to offer- tourism and agriculture working in unison for national prosperity.


Bio courtesy of the Dominic Festivals Commission.

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On a beautiful day, 22nd December, 1988, Glenda and Daril Fagan became the parents of Kristelle Fagan. Their lives changed forever, bearing an added glow.

This Capricorn princess began making her mark when she won the title of Carnival Princess 1997, while attending the St.Martin Primary School. She was also part of the Dominica Girls Guide Association which has aided in shaping many exemplary Dominican women.

On entrance at the Dominica Grammar School in 2000 she made a decision to strive for the best. Kristelle emerged on principal’s honour roll every term. At the fourth form level Kristelle represented the school at the Miss Teen Dominica ‘04 pageant and won that title. In June of that same year she became an altar server at the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima in Newtown and continued, becoming the Head Altar Server of that Parish. During her high school life, Kristelle was part of the school’s choir, athletics team and student counsel as a prefect.

The Government of Dominica awarded Kristelle with the Young Achiever’s Award for Culture in 2004. A year later, Ms. Fagan graduated as “Student of the Year” from the Dominica Grammar School in 2005. She was also awarded prizes for History, French and the class prize for application.

While being a student at the Dominica State College, Kristelle juggled being an altar server, a member of the National Bank of Dominica Flag Wavers, and being an outgoing community person. She represented the island at the Miss Jaycees Caribbean Teen Pageant in 2007, and captured the title, adding another crown to her showcase. She graduated as Top Tourism and Hospitality Student in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the Dominica State College.

Soon after Kristelle returned to her alma mater, Dominica Grammar School, as a teacher. She specialized in Mathematics, Science and Dance during her one year tenure there. She was also appointed as President of the Youth for Change Group of Kingshill. In august of 2008 Kristelle became an employee of the island’s Indigenous bank, The National Bank of Dominica as a Customer Service Representative – a position which enables her to develop her interpersonal skills. Since then, Kristelle has continued to live the life of a community person and spiritual youth. Organizing, stage and perfection are three words also linked to her personality. These among many other positive characteristics qualify Miss Kristelle Fagan to be a contestant suited for a pageant like the Miss Dominica 2010.

Now as a strong and positive contender for the title of Miss Dominica 2010, Ms. Fagan is striving to do her best and reminds everyone that “He who walks with the Lord will always find their destination in Life.”


Bio courtesy of the Dominic Festivals Commission.

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Dominica Carnival Queen Contestant Marcia Baptiste

On a journey to find herself, freedom and independence…

On 3rd April, 1985 Marley Baptiste and Hetty Rolle gave birth to a tiny but determined little girl they named Marcia Baptiste.

From a tender age, she was afraid of water, was a very picky slow eater, and even crying was a challenge. Determined to be better, Marcia overcame her fear of water, learned to cry naturally and much later on in life, learned to eat at a normal pace.

Marcia began her education at the tender age of four at the St. John’s Catholic Primary School . From there, she obtained the third bursary in the island which allowed her attendance at Portsmouth Secondary School. At sixteen she was a proud graduate and holder of seven general proficiency subjects. Her educational journey led her through the Clifton Dupigny Community College which resulted in her attainment of three A level passes. Despite her academic achievement, she experienced a lot of personal stress and loss of self. Marcia was undecided, lonely and pretty despondent. Her strict upbringing precluded socializing and this added further frustration to her plight.

She reveled in reading, which was a source of escape from her reality. All hope was not lost though when a ray of sunshine burst into her darkness and she got the opportunity to travel away from her suffocating, and most times, boring life. Her first time traveling was bittersweet as she left all that she knew to embrace an uncertain future.

The excitement of traveling, meeting new people and learning new things was a part of Marcia that longed to emerge. Life was not a breeze, but strong minded, intelligent and out spoken as she is, Marcia prepared a lemonade punch out of the lemons life served her. She found herself, became independent and certain of some of the things she wanted in life. Her goals now included working in the Criminal Justice field as a Crime Scene Investigator, or being an entrepreneur who would assist in the development of her country. Marcia had the drive to become a model citizen and of course enter the Miss Dominica Pageant.

Armed with her new found identity, her life experiences, her concern for people battling with diabetes and living unhealthy lifestyles, and her thrill for justice to be served, she returned to Dominica to take on a challenge that she has dreamt of one too many times.

Being an ambassador for Dominica is something that comes naturally to Marcia. She is a people person, a natural leader, one who can identify with and represent youth in the struggles that they face. She is a role model and a fine candidate to be Miss Dominica 2010. She believes that through God everything is possible, life is not easy and nothing comes freely, but with hard work and determination, everything is possible. Marcia lives with the perpetual belief that life has no boundaries so do not limit you.


Bio courtesy of the Dominic Festivals Commission.

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