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Editor’s note: I begun writing this article last week, and it came out to be more than 5, 000 words, almost 10 pages long. So I’ve decided to break it up into smaller chunks and publish it as a series.

I hope that you find these articles helpful and look forward to your comments.

This article is the start of that series.

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate throughout the world. Today it is estimated that there are more than 300 million obese people world-wide – which is associated with a large number of debilitating and life-threatening disorders. Everyday millions people are diagnosis with some type of killer disease. Heart disease and cancer account for 75% of all deaths in the western would, for example.

A large majority of these diseases can be preventable just by changing our eating habits and proper exercise for maintaining a healthy body. Changing your life-style can literally postpone your funeral for years.

Probably no more than 20 per cent of those trying to lose weight, and possibly as few as 5 per cent, will have any long-term success with dieting.

So how does a trim, noticeable figure come about? Certainly not by accident; you have to eat less and exercise more. The key words are balance, common-sense and planning.

A lot of people adopt short-term weight reduction schemes to loss weight quickly, but many of these weight-reduction schemes may be at a cost to one’s general health if vital nutrients are missed out.

Nor will skipping meals on a regular basis help since there is a general tendency for meal skippers to ‘catch up’ at their next opportunity. Many are prepared to eat less but rarely think of engaging in an exercise programme.

The two items (eating less and exercise more) must go hand in hand – exercise is an aid to reducing, not a substitute for correct eating practices.

To be continued…

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One of the problems growing in our daily lives is that many of us rush through the day, with no time for anything – we trying to do too many things in one day… and as a result we have time to get a bite to eat, we just gobble it down. That leads to stress to on our bodies, which is unhealthy living. With one simple but powerful act of eating slower, we can begin to feel better and reverse that lifestyle immediately. How hard is it? You take smaller bites, chew each bite slower and longer and you enjoy your meal longer…that’s it!

It takes a few minutes extra each meal, and yet it can have profound effects.

If you read the Slow Food Manifesto, you’ll see that it’s not just about health — it’s about a lifestyle. And whether you want to adopt that lifestyle or not, there are some reasons you should consider the simple act of eating slower:

Lose weight. – Research have confirm that just by eating slower, you’ll consume fewer calories — in fact, enough to lose 15 pounds a year without doing anything different or eating anything different. The reason is that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to register that we’re full. If we eat fast, we can continue eating past the point where we’re full. If we eat slowly, we have time to realize we’re full, and stop.

Enjoy your food. This reason is just as powerful, in my opinion. It’s hard to enjoy your food if it goes by too quickly. In fact, I think its fine to eat sinful (high cholesterol) foods, if you eat a small amount slowly. Think about it: you want to eat sinful foods (desserts, fried foods, pizza, etc.) because they taste good. But if you eat them fast, what’s the point? If you eat them slowly, you can get the same amount of great taste, but with less going into your stomach. That’s math that works for me.

Better digestion. If you eat slower, you’ll chew your food better, which leads to better digestion. Digestion actually starts in the mouth, so the more work you do up there; the less you’ll have to do in your stomach. This can help lead to fewer digestive problems.

Less stress. Eating slowly, and paying attention to our eating, can be a great form of mind exercise. Be in the moment, rather than rushing through meal thinking about what you need to do next. When you eat, you should eat. In my opinion I believe, it will lead to a less stressful life, and long-term happiness. Try it out.

Dominica, like most of the other Caribbean Islands is slowly turning into the – Fast Life- which will eventually lead us to eating Fast Food, and eating it quickly. This is a lifestyle can dehumanize us, making us unhealthy, stressed out and unhappy. For those of us who rush through our day, doing one mindless task after another, without taking the time to live life or enjoy life – That’s not a good thing in my book.

Try the small act of eating slower. Don’t eat Fast Food. Eat at a good restaurant, or better yet, cook your own food and enjoy it fully. Taste life itself.

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