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If the united Workers Party opposition leader Ron Green is serious about its proposal for a Greener Economy, and the party wins the 2010 general elections, Dominica will join the many developing countries striving to develop a green policy for economic development.

Even the United States of America, the leading proponents of “Brown Economics” has felt the need for a change and has began shifting its focus towards a green economy.

In the Dominican context, a full scale adoption of a green policy would create new and sustainable jobs in sections such as the construction, by remodeling buildings to make them more energy efficient. And in the electricity generating and distribution sub-sector, by creating new systems that make use of renewable energy sources such as geothermal, wind, solar and water.

Nevertheless, the point we need to stress here is that Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, and is in a unique position to advantage of dawning of the new age of green economics.

But we don’t need a new general election for our government to change course towards developing a greener economic policy – policies that will be adopted by all political parties and bring sustainable development to Dominica.

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Editor’s note:This is a guest post from Danielle Edwards – a Literature and History student and an aspiring Journalist.

If you’re daring enough to fly over Dominica at night, you may be surprised at how easily you can count the number of lights on island. In a country where some claim that the cost of electricity is sometimes greater than the cost of rent, many persons feel that high energy prices are justifiably a cause for nationwide grief. Sadly, I’m reminded that my house was one of the few which celebrated last year’s Christmas festivities with tree lights. Apart from banks and a select few commercial enterprises, not too many businesses think it’s necessary to leave on their lights during the night. You certainly won’t find any skyscrapers here- Unlike L.A., New York, Sydney or Paris- we’re not seeking to outshine the stars.

Yes, some would say we’re backward, underdeveloped, the only island that Columbus would recognize if he were to return from the dead. To me, none of them have been quite able to hit the nail on the head. The reality is that the majority of us are not half as materialistic as the rest of the world. So when people wonder at our simplicity and how we survive without gourmet breakfasts, metropolitan subway transportation systems and the regular weekend rendezvous on luxury yachts, it might be worthwhile to suggest to them that their pompous lifestyles of glamour and over-spending are largely responsible for the world’s battle with soaring oil prices and rising food prices, and the pricey quest for alternative energy sources- a battle which the world seems to be losing.

I wonder just how much energy it takes to light up a 100-story skyscraper for one night. I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power my neighbourhood for more than a week!


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