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Environmentalist Athie Martin says the commissioning of a fuel tank farm in Dominica sends an unfortunate signal to the world.

At a time where the larger economies are looking to move away from fossil fuels whereas Dominica, an island bursting with potential for renewable energy is moving rapidly towards a dependence on fossil fuels.

Martin believes this move will have future generations settling a massive accumulated debt, and that the Petro Caribe agreement is disrespectful and undignified and shows no account for the enormous amount of work done to preserve Dominica’s natural image.

And that the country is moving away from its strengths and embracing a commodity which is not one of its natural assets. He is of the view that although Dominica is small, it can be totally energy independent, not on fossil fuels but on the abundance of natural renewable energy which is available on Island and the technical aspects of any processing activities need to be organized to ensure the island is kept clean and green.

Otherwise Dominica could be regarded as the country which had a chance at leading the world with its green economy (something Venezuela should do as a true friend to Dominica), but instead gave it all up for a few barrels of oil.

Share your opinion(s) in the comments.

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Dominica ecofest 2009

May 1st to May 8th 2009 : International EcoFest, Rosalie, Dominica

The Dominica International Ecofest 2009 celebrates the need for action to preserve our earth, and is aiming to showcase the inspiring environmental awareness here in Dominica.

EcoFest also examines whether or not the progress mankind has made is worthy of celebration.

The International EcoFest to be held at Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, Dominica, between May 1st and 8th 2009, under the theme ‘A celebration of the world’s progress on saving our beautiful planet.’

The event is being held in collaboration with/the participation of The EcoClub, The International ecotourism Society, The Sustainable Living Initiative Centre, (SLIC) Dominica, Responsible Travel, and Eco-Tropical resorts, the Biogas helpline, as well as the Environmental Coordinating Unit of The Government of Dominica, and others.

Eco-fest 2009 will showcase a wide array of local music, with a different kind of local band playing each day ranging from Calypso, to Jin Ping, to Reggae to Steelpan. The festival will also host a mini Eco conference, covering a wide range of sustainability issues, guest speakers, Eco trade show, and local craft workshop.

One of the main highlights of the festival is a workshop on BioGas – learn how to do it; meet the experts – where the organizers of the ecofest will be installing a Biogas plant on site during the week long event,in collaboration with the BioGas helpline.

For more information about vailable accomodation, special packages, how to participate, trade shows and much more information visit the Rosalieforst Ecofest 2009 Web Page or you can e-mail them at [email protected] or visit this Contact Us page for more details.

Get your tickets before March 31st, get 25% discount

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Photo Source:

St. Mary’s Academy student, Rohaan K. Allport, is the winner of the 2008 Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Environmental Poster Competition.

The FCCA poster competition is held annually and seeks to promote and stimulate environmental awareness among students and educate the younger generation on the importance of environmental protection this year’s poster contest attracted entries from approximately fourteen nations. Each participant’s poster should have depicted at least three (3) ways in which his/her destination can make a difference in preserving the environment.

Other programs held by the FCCA include: the annual FCCA Caribbean Cruise Conference and Trade Show, bringing together over 100 cruise executives and 800 cruise industry partners; the FCCA Foundation for the Caribbean, which serves as a tangible mechanism for the cruise industry to participate in the effort to support humanitarian and social causes throughout the Caribbean and Mexico; the Caribbean Beach Clean-Up Program; and Tourism Essay Contests for Caribbean and Mexican students.

Rohaan was awarded a cash prize of US$3000 as the winner in the senior category, along with US$3000 for his school at an exclusive luncheon aboard the Carnival Destiny. Government Officials from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Tourism as well as representatives from Discover Dominica Authority and Rohann’s parents were present at the luncheon.

Congratulations to Rohaan K. Allport.

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