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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Jennifer Miller of living Dominica, who in 2005 moved from the U.S to the commonwealth of Dominica with her husband Royer. Though I know nothing about Jennifer. On the surface, but it seems she love Dominica, just like everyone who set foot on Dominica island. 🙂 As a fellow blogger I’m sharing the love and I’m trying to help Jennifer promote her Dominica E-book- Escape To Dominica.
Live The Caribbean Life

After moving to Dominica, I’m guessing 🙂 – Jennifer love the island so much she wrote an E-Book on how to move to Dominica. Jennifer covers a lot details, details like:

  • how to negotiate the visa process
  • how to buy a car
  • how to find a rental home
  • how to move your household
  • what to bring
  • where to live on the island
  • many insights into life on Dominica

All from her personal experience (good and bad). Jennifer also shares in her e-book the mistakes everyone moving to Dominica should avoid.

Dominica E-book Topics
Part 1. Why We Chose Dominica and Why You Might Also
Part 2. Location, Location, Location (and How to Choose Your Spot)
Part 3. Rental Property
Part 4. Papers, Visas, Residency, Citizenship and Second Passport
Part 5. Cost of Living
Part 6. Packing Up and Moving (Don’t Assume Anything)
Part 7. Some Nuts and Bolts (and the Rule of Three)
Part 8. The Inevitable Down Side
Part 9. Safety Concerns
Part 10. Quality of Life and a Vision for You
Part 11. Where to Stay (While Exploring the Island)
Part 12. Useful Information


“Dominica is no “Mc-Island”, and it is certainly not for everyone, but it may the perfect spot for you. If you are looking for a simpler life near to nature where you eat fresh foods and breathe fresh air away from cheesy tourist makeovers, this may be your spot. And, the low cost of living may let you escape earlier than you thought possible!”

Buy The Dominica E-Book

Although I have not read Jennifer’s e-book, but there have been many great reviews by people who have bought the e-book. Every year people from all walks of life come to make Dominica their home, just like my friend Dan Tanner who is planning to retire in Dominica sometime in 2008 with his wife Ruth Tanner.

Personally, I believe the “Escape To Dominica” e-book is a great reference tool for anyone who is thinking moving to Dominica.

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