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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

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It struck me recently that a lot of people think they know what’s wrong with Dominica, and it also struck me that most of the time they’re all wrong.

Seriously take some time to observe — almost every political and religious group, every opinionated person, every publication with an opinion, has said at one time or another they think is wrong with Dominica.

On one hand, UWP thinks that we’ve become a state fill with corruption headed by the ruling party, while the labour thinks that it was poor leadership by former political parties like the UWP – why Dominica is in this present poor economic situation. Others think that abortion is the problem, others think it’s declining morals, and others say it’s infidelity.

Other things that are wrong with Dominica, depending on the group: the media, young people, environmentalists, white people, foreigners overrunning our country, the Establishment, poor people, Pirate sector businesses, lazy people, evil people, BBC Caribbean, the Internet … the list could go on and on.

So what’s really wrong with Dominica, in my opinion?

Not a thing.

You heard me! What’s Wrong with That?

Nothing’s wrong with that, actually. That’s how most people are, and I don’t think I can change that, nor would I want to. I thought it would be an interesting discussion, though, because I think the difference between what people think the island should be and what it has become can cause unhappiness. If you’re one of those people who want the country to go back to how it was during your childhood, or during your parents’ generation, and it isn’t likely to do so, you’re not going to be happy.

The same goes for any of our ideals — do you have an ideal spouse? An ideal child? An ideal friend, mother, co-worker or roommate? It’s very possible that you do, and also very possible that in reality not all meets these ideals. That might cause you to be unhappy with them.

So I guess it’s clear to say that whenever reality doesn’t meet ideals — and it rarely does — we become unhappy.

So What’s the Then?

I’m not suggesting that you, or anyone else, change your view-of-Dominica. If you, or anyone else, is happy with that view-of Dominica, don’t change it.

But there is an alternative, and I’m not saying it’s better. It’s the view-of Dominica I try to have: instead of having an ideal, stop looking for perfection. Accept our island as it is, and love it for what it is. Accept people as they are, and love them. Does this mean that we should give up on trying to make positive changes in Dominica?

What would be the result of this alternative view-of Dominica? Well, I think people would be happier, if only we didn’t see Dominica as a fundamentally flawed or corrupted place, and began to see the good on the island. This, however, is open to individual interpretation, and your own experience is likely to be different than mine. Go ahead…have you say.

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