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In the past I wrote about how Dominica is increasingly becoming one of the best Offshore Tax Havens in the Caribbean and the world by extension. Why is Dominica gaining so much popularity in the offshore business sector? Dominica is one the safest and legitimate ways to open an offshore company in the Caribbean. No longer do you need to travel to tax haven country in other to register an offshore company. With the help of modern technology the process of opening an offshore company is cut by half. has kept up with emerging technology and prides itself in providing the quickest and reliable service in Dominica. Right on our website you can order and pay for opening an offshore company in Dominica right over the internet. Once your order is completed, within two – three days you’ll received your company documents along with your company stamp via a courier service of your choice.

Our parent company – Caribbean Offshore Service Corp (COSC) office is located in the center of the capital city (Roseau), and is just a few steps away from the Dominica registry building. COSC is an officially licensed registered agent, which has legal right to register/open off-shore companies on the island of Dominica. Caribbean Offshore Services Corp promises all its clients the lowest prices on off-shore services in Dominica.

On Offshore-companies-in-Dominica dot com you will find the following information:

  • about Dominica and wonderful peculiarities of this Caribbean island;
  • about advantages of registration at Dominica tax haven of International Business Companies (or offshore IBC – these are ordinary tax-free company and that’s why we use terms “offshore company”, “offshore”, “off-shore company”, “off-shore”, “off shore company”, “off shore” at this site)
  • about establishment of offshore bank accounts for Dominica offshore companies.
  • you’ll also have an opportunity to get the full list of our off shore services and prices;
  • you’ll get to know, how easy it is, to register an off shore company in Dominica.
  • you’ll find answers in our FAQ section;
  • you’ll get to know about activities of offshore services provider – Caribbean Offshore Service Corp. and get its contact information.

Incorporate your off-shore company in Dominica right now!

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Over the past few years Dominica has become a Tax Haven in the Caribbean, and there have also been a rise in the number of expat moving to Dominica. Just like my fellow blogger Jennifer of who left the city life in the USA and decided to make Dominica island her home.

Moving to a beautiful Caribbean island great in so many ways, but there’s the reality banking which at time can prove to be a problem for expats sometimes, especially if they’re coming from the United States. That’s were have an offshore banking account can be helpful.

How to select an Offshore Bank?

Don’t be deceived by the prestigious look of offshore banks. Many offshore bank rent office spaces in prestigious looking building for appearance sake. The first thing you should do is some background research and find how much money they manage. Look-up the banks website will often help in your research but sometimes you will need to call the bank itself to speak to someone. After reading a few articles about offshore bank, it’s better to select a bank with at least 100 million under their management. At least you know that they’ve been around for awhile and they must be doing something right.

Getting Approved

The best offshore banks often require introductions. Just walking in off the street and opening an offshore bank account in not accepted. In fact, I believe it’s not possible to open an account if you’re local in Dominica. But I could be wrong. Beware of smaller, up coming banks; they will take your money and not make you aware that your offshore bank accounts might not be protected by the local government. Thus bring us back to my first paragraph research, research and more research.

How Do You Get An Introduction?

The best way is to talk to a local person you’ve had contact with. Many times if there not a contact tell phone, it’s usually a scam. If you have been looking at real estate, ask the agent helping you to introduce you to his bank. Most local people will also be able to help you determine which banks are the oldest and most reputable.

What You Will Need to Get an Account

After your introduction, the rest of the process in merely a formality, and the bank will require to get a letter of reference from your previous bank. You will also need to provide some identification including your passport and other ID.

Protecting Your Money

Some countries should not be trusted for offshore banking period. Get connected with the local expat community and see what they say. Sometimes it is much better to keep your serious funds offshore in a tax and asset protection jurisdiction like Panama, Bahamas, Dominica, Switzerland, Belize or the Cayman Islands. Just open a local bank account to deposit your pay. Keep only your operating money there and transfer by bank wire the rest to your offshore account. You may also consider opening up a bearer share corporation which also allows you to own a bank account.

For more information about Offshore Bank Account and Offshore Banking in Dominica, please

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After my post on Dominica being a Tax Haven and why it’s good to have a Second Passport or Second Citizenship, I received a few emails, one of which asked – What Is Asset Protection? I had no idea what asset protection is, maybe is because I don’t have any a valuable assets to protect. But it’s never too late to learn something new and you never know I might just own some assets.

It is a transfer of the ownership of your assets (investments, property, savings, etc) from an individual to a legal entity, an offshore company in this case. That way you are no longer the owner of your assets and it is much more difficult to be successful in suing you. But you are still in full control of that company.

If you are looking for information on how to protect your assets, Offshore Services, or getting a Tax shelter from excessive taxes, visit for more information about off shore services in Dominica.

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