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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica


Sport fishing is one of the hottest sporting attractions in the Caribbean, and Dominica definitely have some of best fishing grounds around. Just ask Captain Jerry of Island Style Fishing, a licensed captain by the Maritime Association.

Jerry comes with over twenty years fishing experience and has done over 90% of all whale watching charters on the island.

From ever since I have known Jerry, long before he became the captain of his own fishing boat, he had a deep and involved passion with fishing which continues today.

Islandstyle Fishing offers an excellent experience in sport fishing,whale watching,seabird watching and breathe taking scenic tours off the coast of Dominica.

Types Of Fish That You Can Expect To Catch

According to Captain Jerry you can expect to catch Tarpon, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish, wahoo, mackerel, and barracuda. Some of which are described below.



The Tarpon is a large, hard fighting fish and is judged by many to be the worlds most exciting gamefish. Once it feels the hook being set it begins the spectacular display of frequent, twisting, acrobatic leaps into the air to free itself from the hook. Most Tarpon landed are between 25 to 80 pounds on average but can range from a few inches in length to about 300 pounds. The world all tackle record is 283 pounds 4ounces.


The blue marlin is the largest billfish. The upper jaw forms a large bill. The body is cylindrical from anal fin forward. Two dorsal fins are present; the first dorsal fin is high and slopes steeply posteriorly, while the second is small. The caudal peduncle has keels. The lateral line forms a large net-like pattern of hexagons canvasing the sides of the fish. The pelvic fins are slender. The lateral keels on the caudal peduncle assist in making this fish a powerful swimmer of great speed and stamina. Grooves for the pelvic fins improve hydrodynamics.

Barracuda , any of 18 species of long, slender, predaceous marine fish with small scales, a large mouth with fanglike teeth, and a protruding lower jaw. The tail fin is forked, and the two dorsal fins are widely separated. Barracuda are found in tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. Smaller species swim in schools, but larger species are solitary. The northern sennet, which ranges from Bermuda to the Gulf of Mexico, is 46 cm (18 in) long.


What To Bring

First of all bring yourself. We are a very tropical island, you should bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and be sure to wear light clothing.

Best Time To Fish

The best time to fish in Dominica is……. Any Time!!! 😎

My Open Thread On Sport Fishing

I love fishing; the only problem is I’m known to get seasick. Yep! I have inherited a weak stomach form my folks. Personally I believe that Sporting Fishing could be a big added attraction for Dominica’s tourism industry. Something the National Development Corporation and Fisheries Division should strongly consider developing in Dominica. Presently there are only a few captains who charters sport fishing on the island.

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Secret Beach is no secret at all, but is so named because land access to it is effectively cut off by cliffs that run into the Caribbean Sea at both ends of the beach. You can attempt to reach Secret Beach by descending a very perilous “path” down the cliff, but take it from me, it’s a gamble. I tried it once and I fell the last 15 feet, fortunately not hurting myself except for a nasty bruise.

The way to get there is to go in comfort with a guide. You can do that by calling the Picard Beach Hotel, located immediately south of the Ross Medical School campus in Picard, near Portsmouth.

You’ll be taken by boat, along with your gear and your picnic, if you’ve packed one. The price is reasonable and usually somewhat negotiable.



Besides natural beauty, Secret Beach offers a beautiful sandy beach and bottom for swimming, seclusion, and some remarkable snorkeling. Heading out from the beach, swim to the right and you’ll encounter coral and fish immediately, and you can swim through a natural arch.



Also, the right cliff has a cave mouth facing the Caribbean that you can easily swim into, and the water depth in the cave is suitable for wading as you watch the fruit bats flit about. Peer into a hole at the back of the cave and you’ll see that around a bend about an arm’s length in there is a tunnel to light on the beach side of the cliff.

You can float through the tunnel to the other end. As long as the water is high, you can maintain your head out of water, without the need to snorkel or hold your breath. Your guide will advise you about the conditions.



Snorkel out to the left from the beach and you’ll encounter an incredible undersea field of myriad sea fans and associated reef life in shallow water. Secret Beach is one of those gems of Dominica that you must experience.

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