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Can you believe this, Domlec goes on local radio encouraging people to use their generators to produce their own power. My-my-my things have change. I can recall a situation where a local hotel in Dominica decided to produce their on power by using there generator and Domlec was totally against the idea.

Cut the BULL-SH**T DOMLEC – your company made EC$ 6.24 MILLION IN PROFITS this financial year on the backs of a population less than 65,000 – ONLY IN DOMINICA PEOPLE WILL STAND FOR THIS NON-SENSE. With this kind of profits every year, Domlec is still relying on hydro plants to produce electrical power. If so, it’s not reflected on consumers electricity bills at the end of the month.

With all the un-scheduled power outage be Domlec in May, I’m pretty sure consumers will be scrutinizing their electricity bill at the end of the month – I’m going ahead and predict the bills are higher. History has shown that the more power outages there are Domlec in one month, usually result in higher electricity bills. I could be wrong… or not 🙂

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