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Purely Dominica

Purely Dominica

Our region appears to be one of those few places where politicians can normally get away with doing as little as possible for their constituents.

The politicians who are elected by the people seem to rarely find they have any need to ensure that they can give, at least, a good account of their stewardship as far as effectively taking care of the business of the people is concerned.

Instead, they become arrogant with power and making sure people know that they are in charge and that they do what they feel to be necessary for things to happen.

There is the school of thought that some people depend so much on politicians for small handouts that they would not and could not dare to demand more of the representatives.

If this is the case then our tiny nature isle is faced with very serious problems indeed. Until Dominicans understand what the role of the people elected to political office really is, and that they are in a position to demand better and more on their behalf.

Sadly, until such time, the development of the country in question will continue to lag dangerously behind others whose people have gotten a real grasp of good governance and are aspiring so to do.

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